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Living in Mexico – Tips for Business Meetings in Mexico

by Alice Genes

Do you want to do business in Mexico? Here are a few cultural particularities to know before you start. What is the attitude to adopt and how to react when meeting with Mexicans? Here are some answers for a successful meeting.


If you want to do business in Mexico, you will have patience. The phenomenon of “ mañana “(” tomorrow “) is not a myth, but a lifestyle. Unlike the US or Canada, time is not always money in Mexico. Fifteen minutes late are considered quite being on time. If you miss an appointment or are running late, a phone call will suffice for the caller to wait for you or postpones the meeting later in the day.


Do not be surprised if you will be invited to a family dinner, to a wedding or christening, by someone you are doing business with. In this country, business goes through a high level of trust. Be prepared to develop a personal relationship with your new business partners. Take time to share with them the joys of family, friends and life in general. Mexicans prefer human relations. Clearly you are more likely to be appreciated for your kindness than for your skill. If you have both then you will be particularly advantaged. You earn points by being well-dressed during your business meetings. In addition, out of respect, do not call a business partner by his first name during your first appointment, unless they request so.


Do not be surprised if you are asked if you are married, how many children you have or what religion you practice. Again, among Mexicans, personal issues are a testament to the interest in the other person and they are accompanying each new encounter.

Politeness and respect

Mexicans are respectful of people, especially children, seniors and women when they are in society. It is important look someone in the eyes when talking avoid escaping the eyes of your partner.


The key to success in Mexico is to be patient. Everything takes quite a long time and Mexicans tend to “test” their suppliers and assess their adaptability, responsiveness, often changing the details of any project.


Nearly 90% of Mexicans are Catholic. Religion plays a very important role in their daily life and they are 99% to be “guadalupanos”, that is respectful of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which is ubiquitous in homes and even offices. It is therefore essential to respect this belief to win their trust.


Mexicans are proud of their culture and their traditions, Mexicans are concerned about the perception that foreigners have of their country and their people. It is imperative to have a minimal historical and cultural knowledge of the country to be able to participate in conversations.

Clearly, to be successful in Mexico,you must learn to appreciate the country, meet its people, but also be patient, organized and determined. If you are competent, energetic and positive while you smile to your partners, then it is very likely to succeed in doing business in Mexico.

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