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Low Cost of Living in Mexico – Vehicle Service

by Brent May

Avalanche-HuatulcoI love my truck.  I drive a 2008 Black Chevy Avalanche loaded with 22’ rims and white seats.  I bought this truck in Canada and have driven it to Mexico twice where it now stays permanently.  I love this truck because it provides a very comfortable ride for my friends and clients whether they are sitting in the front or back.  It is set on a suburban chassis so it is an extremely smooth ride.  It has enough storage and carrying capacity making it the perfect vehicle for us and when we want to hit the beach or mountains on our days off.

Being it is a 2008 and that I enjoy driving, a true driver you could say, it has accumulated over 250,000 KMS (155,000 miles) and was in need of some major TLC this summer.  Fortunately due to the low cost of living in Mexico I was able to do maintenance and some major work on it for a fraction of the price as in Canada.

Below is a list of repairs and costs paid in Huatulco, Mexico compared approximately to what I paid back in Canada with the 10 GMC / Chevy vehicles owned and serviced while running my construction business in Canada. 

Truck repair table

I used my “I’ve got a guy” approach to help me both find some of the best people to do the work as we well as help overcome my rusty Spanglish at best and I was able to take advantage of the low cost of living in Mexico and in a reason able time frame.

Prices may very a little depending on your guy in Canada , the US or Mexico but I am sure you get the overall picture.  As you can see there is huge difference in vehicle maintenance and repairs due to the low cost of living in Mexico.  I would not have considered doing all this work in Canada as the price would be more that the truck is worth today.  Parts are similar in price in Mexico and Canada but there is a tremendous savings on the labour.   The low cost of living in Mexico allows my truck to keep on trucking and maybe one day the old gal will make it to 1 million kilometers!  I hope I can take you for a ride in it one day and then maybe I will be willing to pass my guy on to you. 

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