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Mexico Expats are the Happiest

by Brent May

happy expats mexicoMoving to a different country is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. There is so much to think about and prepare for, from what you can bring to where to live. In addition to all of the logistics of your move, being an expat also means fitting in with the community and making new friends in your new home.

A survey conducted by InterNations shows where expats are the happiest these days. 14,000 expats were surveyed across 160 countries. They were asked to focus on family, ease of settling into a new community, personal finance and work life.

Out of all 160 countries, Mexico City ranked first overall with its’ expats saying they felt completely at home and welcome. This resulted in the city ranking in third place overall for happy and content expats. In fact, 91% of Mexico expats stated they had no problems settling in to the city. They said they found all of the locals to be friendly and welcoming. Mexico City, although having its’ fair share of crime, has seen its’ safety and crime statistics to be decreasing since 2011. 

Other countries rated top of the list were Luxembourg City, Zurich and New York. The Big Apple came in fifth place overall with expats saying they found locals to be friendly and entertainment choices and career opportunities seem to be endless.

From the art culture, ancient ruins and incredible food to its’ lush jungles and spectacular coastline, it’s a great time to check out Mexico and its’ neighboring cities and states. This combined with the friendly and welcoming culture make Mexico expats one of the happiest people you can find![hr]

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