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Microsoft announces $1.1 billion investment in Mexico

by Brent May

Microsoft announced yesterday (Feb. 20, 2020)  that it will invest 1.1 billion dollars in Mexico over five years.

During President López Obrador’s conference, the executive director of the multinational company, Satya Nadella, informed about the decision through a video.

“I am very excited to announce that over the next five years, 1.1 billion dollars will be invested in Mexico, focused on expanding access to digital technology, people and organizations throughout the country,” he said.

“As part of this investment, we will create a new region of data centers in Mexico to provide smart, secure and reliable services through the cloud to help all organizations maximize the benefits and promote their digital transformation.

He explained that one of the objectives is to provide skills and technology for tomorrow’s jobs, so they will invest in at least three training labs and training programs.

“Our announcements today are based on more than three decades of collaboration across the country and the ideas the President and I shared during our meeting last year,” he said.

“We look forward to expanding this joint work to promote economic growth through technology that empowers all organizations and Mexican citizens.

López Obrador thanked the company for its confidence in Mexico and assured that there is potential for further investment.

“It is very pleasing to inform the people of Mexico that this company will invest more, because it is already doing so, in technology development, all of this for the benefit of Mexico’s development, they have shown confidence in our country, as have other important companies of global dimension,” he said.

Cesar Cernuda, president of Microsoft in Latin America, explained that investments will be in the educational, business and environmental sectors.


Digital Strategy Coordinator Emiliano Calderon explained that the federal government will allocate resources to bring the Internet to poor communities in the country.


10,000 million pesos


3,100 mdp


60,000 isolated communities


100,000 additional communities

6-Year Goal

280,000 communities in the network

Source: www.reforma.com

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