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Our Move to Mexico – 6 Years Later

by Erin May

It’s hard to believe that 6 years ago we packed up our lives in Canada after making the decision to move and start our real estate business in Mexico. I can’t say it was an easy decision for me. I’m not a risky person. However, my husband the risk-taker challenged me to take a leap of faith.

Boy am I glad I took that challenge.

The last time I wrote about our life change and move to the Oaxaca coast was 3 years ago. At that time, we lived up the coast an hour from Huatulco in the fishing village of Puerto Angel. We were enjoying the slow pace in our small Oceanside beach village, working on our business from our luxury condo that hung of the edge of a rock cliff over the ocean. We enjoyed a slower paced, simple life away from the rat race of the big city. 

We truly loved living in our off the beaten path paradise at the center of the Oaxaca coast.  A feeling of freedom was in the air as we walked through one of our hippie-chic beach villages.  I could tell Brent was rested but he was starting to want something more.  We decided to moved from Puerto Angel into Huatulco and Own Mexico birthed Bayside Real Estate Huatulco.  We shifted our internet real estate business with a little pop-up office between the beach and marina in Santa Cruz.  This is where we’d meet and greet cruise ship visitors, and walk-in’s from our many Own Mexico followers we built up over the years who all saw the great opportunity to invest in our unique piece of paradise.

Finally, our big dream came true. We opened our new office in the perfect location across from the Marina Chahue making us the first real estate office coming in from the hotel zone and we began building our Bayside team. Things seem to happen for reason and one by one our team was formed. We feel very fortunate to work alongside some of the most incredible, positive and motivating people who truly compliment our style and business goals.

Brent and I are also lucky to live, love and work on our dream together as a couple. That’s not to say life is all roses and champagne. Working alongside your spouse is not always easy. There are difference of opinions and a few arguments here and there, however it truly couldn’t be more rewarding. We have learned to celebrate the successes, reward ourselves with R&R after busy seasons and focus on the end goal.

Another challenge we still face is the language. Finding the time in high season to learn a new language is tough and getting motivated to learn in slow season (when you’d rather be swaying in a hammock all day) is hard as well. We try and find time to practice as much as we can and fortunately are able to lean on our staff and friends when in doubt. We are also fortunate to live in a town where you can get by without speaking fluent Spanish. (Little by little we are improving)

Our clients looking to make the move to Huatulco ask us about building relationships and meeting new people in the community. This was extremely important to us as well. We’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing people and build some lasting and special relationships in Huatulco and are happy to have people we call friends and a place we now call home.

Being able to help people fulfill their dreams of owning, investing, retiring and vacationing in Mexico is extremely rewarding.  We feel so fortunate to live and work in a tropical paradise that allows us obtain the work-life balance we always dreamed.

I’m grateful to Brent for pushing me to take the leap of faith to move to this beautiful country and amazing location. We had traveled to other Mexico beach towns for 15 years.  Once we arrived in Huatulco we recognized many unique characteristics that set it apart from other sun destinations. We knew it was the only place we knew we could call home and we are now excited each day while helping others with the journey to call it their home.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our move and journey. We are truly grateful for all of our family, friends and clients here in Huatulco. Thanks for making this adventure special and memorable. Cheers to another 6 years…and more!


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Carol June 30, 2017 - 5:35 am

Congrats to you both, wishing you many more years of successes and enjoying the greatness of the Huatulco lifestyle that we all love so much.
Best wishes

Erin May July 4, 2017 - 2:17 pm

Thank you for the kind words Carol.


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