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Moving to Mexico: An Essential Guide for Successful Moving

by Alice Genes

Moving to Mexico and settling there for good means a radical change in your lifestyle, as it will take a while to absorb the characteristics of the new culture you are immersing in. Changing your country, city and neighborhood may be a difficult endeavor so the question is how to integrate quickly in Mexico? Here is a an essential guide that will help you with the basic things you need to be aware of when moving to Mexico.

Administrative procedures and paperwork

A good start when you have decided to live abroad for a longer or shorter time is making all the necessary arrangements before departing. That is to say, you should: undertake administrative procedures with your bank to eventually close your accounts, with the post to redirect your mail, social security for file transfers, water electricity and telephone companies, Internet subscriptions and more. Contact a storage company if you want to keep the furniture and personal effects that do not carry with you. You should also go to the doctor for a medical check-up. If you do not know a lot of Spanish, it is advisable to start learning its basic as soon as possible.

How to choose accommodation in Mexico?

Mexico offers accommodation for all budgets and there are certainly multiple options to choose from.  Apartments, studios, houses or villas can be rented or purchased in Oaxaca for lower prices than you would find at home, without sacrificing the luxury. It takes one to two months of research before finding a home in Mexico. It is also recommended to weigh the pros and cons before selecting the ideal home.

Before engaging in a rental or purchase of housing in Mexico, think about the safety and distance from the city center and think of the means of transport that you normally use. If you own a car, it is recommended to take an apartment with provided parking. Finding parking at a late hour of the night, especially in the big cities, is not easy. For maximum security, choose a building with concierge and access code on the main door. If the door of the apartment has no peephole and chain safety, do not hesitate to install one as soon as possible. Some neighborhoods  called “cerradas” have armed guards. As for the charges relating to the water, count from $150 to $200 pesos per month. The gas will cost you $200 to $2,000 pesos and electricity between $300 and $3,000 pesos. Typically, these services function quite well, but it is not superfluous to check everything before choosing a specific apartment or house as your new home in Mexico.

Finding a job in Mexico

Those who want to move to Mexico to work should first arm themselves with patience and perseverance and not be swayed by the high unemployment rate in this country. The use of relations is the best way to get a quick interview, which could lead to a job. In Mexico, this approach is largely speculative and applications often remain unanswered. Many subsidiaries of foreign companies are already operating in Mexico, and could well serve as a starting point. Similarly, access to various American or Canadian organizations could also be a good way to find the right addresses. Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara are the major employment areas of the country. Administrative procedures for future work in Mexico can take some time, so you should be prepared to wait, especially from a financial point of view. Indeed, it is virtually impossible to get a visa for entry into the country if the company you are hiring has not issued a request for permission to enter the Mexican Ministry of the Interior. The employer must also provide an employment contract, which is sometimes difficult to obtain.


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