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Nearest beach – Santa Cruz

by Erin May

Santa Cruz Bay is a very popular bay, it is home to Huatulco’s harbour, it has condominiums and private properties for rent or sale. Santa Cruz Bay also has some of the most popular beaches in Huatulco, the most notable being La Entrega and Santa Cruz because of the mild waves, the relative ease of access, and the services available on these beaches.

Santa Cruz also has several restaurants and hotels and a few nightclubs too, and isn’t very far at all from La Crucecita. Also most of the boat tour of the beaches leave from Santa Cruz beach or harbour, also here is where you can take small fishing boats (lanchas) to visit some of the more remote beaches that are not easily accessible by land.

Santa Cruz beach is an incredibly popular beach and it is often quite full even in low season; there is of course a reason for this, the waves are essentially none existent, Santa Cruz beach is probably the calmest piece of sea on the Oaxacan coast. Santa Cruz beach is also easily accessible, it’s close to La Crucecita, all major tours and cruises go from there. It also has restaurant and water sports facilities. It is however a small beach favoured by families and does get a bit crowded in high season.

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