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Huatulco: The Right Time to Invest

by Brent May

Here in Huatulco Mexico, timing is everything – the right time to catch a wave, the right time to grab a cerveza with friends, and the certainly, the right time to invest in a coastal paradise that is as much known for its beauty as it is for its financial potential.

Huatulco is a real estate hot spot, which is why it took us no time to scoop up our own property. The timing was right for us, and now we’re here to help you determine if it’s the right time for you!

Our mission is to meet prospective buyer’s needs, and to help make Mexico their home. We want to make your real estate dreams come true, and one way we help is by pointing out indicators that can help you in your real estate adventures. Check out the three we’ve listed below!

Indicator #1: A “Bump in the Road” to Real Estate

If recent visits from President Enrique Peña Nieto and state governors tell us anything, it’s that they mean business when it comes to finishing the long-anticipated Superhighway! Travelers will enjoy minimal travel time between the city of Oaxaca and the coast – from 6-7 hours to just over two! This project has been in the works for over five years due to complications with land ownership issues. Billions of pesos have been poured into the project, and now, final monies have been allocated by high political powers to wrap up construction once and for all.

This finished superhighway means that property owners will enjoy a nice bump in real estate values. If you’re interested in investment real estate in Huatulco Mexico, we’ll be happy to explain what this could mean to you. Simply contact us today for a pressure-free consultation.

Indicator #2: Development on the Horizon

“Development” is a word you want to hear when considering a real estate purchase, especially when big-name hotels and resorts are involved in the deal. It means that if you get in early enough, you’ll get a lower purchasing cost, and that once the area is established, the investment could be at an all-time profit margin.

Development has been a key strategy for top resorts here in Mexico. Rui, Lomus Group (El Dorado Hotels) and Miel have all purchased land recently. They’ve done their due diligence, and have determined that the potential for growth in this area is too good to pass up. Smart real estate buyers have taken note, and are purchasing their own piece of paradise, whether it’s land or a home. And we couldn’t agree more with this real estate strategy.

Indicator #3: Expansion Means Pay Attention

Another key word to listen for when considering a real estate purchase is “expansion.” Local businesses, such as Marina Chahué, are further establishing their presence in Huatulco by expanding their property. This intimate marina, located in Bahía Chahué, is known for docking a wide variety of luxury vessels. It’s also highly regarded for being the starting point for a fun-filled exploration of Bahías de Huatulco. And now, it will be able to cater to more locals and visitors, which is always good for business.

Also, the high-end residential community of Conejos Bay will be adding 2,000 new rooms to their well-established portfolio. They anticipate that this project will be completed in two years, which will be something to check into if you’re shopping around for local real estate. We recommend following in the footsteps of these forward-thinking businesses by making affordable purchases now. Investors will be able to take advantage of local development, and to gain the best access to mountains and beaches, coves and lagoons.

If you’d like to learn if now is the right time to invest in Huatulco Mexico, contact us today. We’ll be happy to share our experiences, show you how to get more “bang for your buck“.

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