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New survey: Mérida is the 2nd-best place to live in Mexico

by Yucatan Magazine


Mérida is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Yucatán as well as the largest city on the Yucatán Peninsula in southern Mexico. Photo: Sam Camp / Getty

ByYucatán Magazine

Mérida was second only to Mexico’s capital for expats and digital nomads, a new best-cities survey concludes.

That means the “White City” scored higher than some better-known locales.

The International Citizens Group survey found Mérida to be both walkable and cycling-friendly. “Excellent, reliable healthcare” and “reasonable cost of living” were a draw. Yucatán’s capital was also the quietest city on the list.

Heat and humidity, of course, was the major drawback. A lack of direct flights to major airport hubs was also cited.

Living in Mérida overall costs 20% less than Mexico City, which was the top-rated place for expats.

The survey heaped praise on Mexico City, where the cost of living is the highest in Mexico but still 40% cheaper than Los Angeles or New York.

“And as the world discovers Mérida, both tourist numbers and real estate prices are increasing,” the survey noted.

Guadalajara — Mexico’s second-largest city — was ranked third. Considered Mexico’s Silicon Valley, Guadalajara has a special appeal to remote tech workers. Great food and nightlife were contrasted with mediocre public transportation and a below-par safety score.

Mexico’s cities were ranked for safety, cost of living, health care, and work options. The five cities listed had the best combined score.

Cosmopolitan, “hard-working” Monterrey and charming, temperate San Miguel — the original expat enclave — rounded out the list, in that order.


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