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Playa del Amor

by Erin May

Playa del amor sunsetIf you are seeking seclusion and a private getaway, Playa del Amor, also known as ‘Lover’s Beach’ is the perfect spot. Set away from tourists and vendors, this beach is surrounded by high cliffs making it the perfect place to get away for a romantic, relaxing day.

Playa del Amor lives up to its romantic name with its secluded and intimate atmosphere. Accessible through a scenic trail bordered by lush greenery, this secluded cove offers a sense of exclusivity that is hard to come by in popular tourist destinations. As you navigate the trail, the sound of gently crashing waves and the sweet scent of the ocean breeze guide you to the hidden haven that awaits.

One of the highlights of this secluded beach is its natural rock formations that form small, private alcoves. These intimate nooks offer a sense of seclusion, making Playa del Amor an ideal spot for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Whether you’re lounging on the warm sand, exploring the tide pools, or sharing a quiet moment with a loved one, Playa del Amor invites you to connect with nature and each other in a truly magical setting.

Soak up the sun on Playa del Amor’s white sandy beaches. Swim, dive and snorkel in its turquoise waters.

There are tour operators with panga boats for snorkeling, fishing and whale watching tours from this beach as well. 

Lover’s Beach is located on the East end of Playa Zipolite. 

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