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Turning Work-Life Lemons Into Limonada In Mexico

by Brent May


As COVID-19 continues to impact global communities, professionals and retirees are turning their work-life lemons into limonada — especially in Mexico! They are tired of high-priced, -taxed, and -regulated areas. They’re fatigued by growing crime rates, homelessness, political unrest, and natural disasters. And they’re definitely sick of the pandemic’s negative impact on their lives.


A California Example

Take for instance, Californians. Well before the pandemic, low- and middle-class residents were fleeing the state, uninterested in contributing to California’s highest-poverty-rate-in-the-country status. Once the pandemic struck, many lost their jobs, homes, and motivation to keep living there. Couple that with natural disasters, political unrest, and an increase in crime, and getting out couldn’t come fast enough.

Those who were fortunate enough to work from home saw a golden opportunity maximize a California paycheck in Arizona, Idaho, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. These states offer natural beauty, welcoming communities, and even more, a lower standard of living (about 40-50% lower in some cases)!

Retirees, too, looked for opportunities beyond the California border. They reimagined a wider stretch of their retirement dollars. They took advantage of the seller’s market in California and sold their homes in favor of low-cost areas and highly desired amenities, such as affordable medical and health services.

Read our article here comparing California and Huatulco living.


An International Trend

Before the pandemic, international adventurers flocked to countries that offered much more for so much less. They moved to countries like Mexico (our favorite!), Belize, Costa Rica, Portugal, and Uruguay, where the cost of living is lower and self-care is a vital component of expat living. In fact, Forbes.com listed these countries as the “five cheapest-and best-places to go if you want to leave the United States.” With the lower cost of living, safe and friendly communities, and easy-to-meet visa requirements, we can see why!

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We found that the same appeal applies to those living during a pandemic. Financial and healthcare relief is almost immediate for professionals and retirees who were able to relocate to Mexico once severe travel restrictions were lifted. Many enjoyed a lower monthly payment, tons of amenities, and healthcare treatments that rivaled those in their countries of origin.

Today, more than 1.5 million American and Canadians call Mexico home, whether it’s for the full year or part-time. The climate is temperate, the cultural traditions are rich, and the location is prime for international travel, especially to Canada and the United States. Mexico also offers modern-day conveniences and a stunning background for those working from home, maximizing their means, and enjoying new-found freedoms.


More Bang for Your Buck

HuatulcoRight now, the US dollar is worth roughly 22 pesos. This allows couples to live in Mexico for as little as $1500USD a month and singles to cut that down to half, depending on location and healthcare needs.

When all is said and done, expats can typically live in Mexico for 50% to 70% than that compared to the United States and Canada — and their lives are enhanced by all that awaits them in their location of choice! Read more here about One Expat’s Perspective on Moving to Huatulco for Retirement and here about One Family’s Life-Changing Story of Moving from Canada to Huatulco.

That’s exactly what we experienced, and we have zero regrets for becoming expats in Huatulco. In fact, we loved our decision so much that we decided to help others explore ways to turn life’s lemons into limonada here in Mexico.

If you’re thinking about a relocation, even if it’s temporary, get in touch with us today. We have lots of resources and experiences to help you navigate your next steps to a rich and full life in Mexico!



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