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Playa Salchi

by Brent May


About halfway between Puerto Angel and Huatulco’s National Park, Playa Salchi can best be described as 300 meters of paradise. This relaxing and secluded beach is one of those little secret places that the Oaxacan coast has hidden well. Just 15 or so minutes from the Huatulco International Airport, you’ll find the turnoff to Salchi, down a good condition jungly dirt road. Well worth the trip, you’ll find a white sand beach with a smooth slope and warm emerald waters. A good place for snorkeling, the little bay is a picture-worthy setting.

Pick up your picnic supplies before you leave Huatulco. There are not any conveniences at the beach but there is a great restaurant, Manta Raya, with freshly-prepared, finer seafood and fish dishes. The oceanfront restaurant works with local fisherman and local markets to guarantee its fresh products and is open from 8:30 to 20:30. The pool at this hotel/restaurant can be enjoyed with a day pass fee.

The laid-back bay is a good spot to enjoy a morning or afternoon on an idyllic beach. It’s never crowded. Take your parasol and a good book.

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