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Playa Sisal

by Brent May

Sisal is located in the west of the state of Yucatan, 49 km from Merida. Take the Caucel-Hunucmá highway.

On the way to Sisal from Merida,  you will pass through the town of Hunucma. This town is known for the Moisés Poot store, where many products are made locally, by local people and from natural henequen fiber, a species of the agave family. You’ll will find handbags, shoes for men and women, wallets and many other products. This city also offers typical Mayan architecture with colorful buildings.

The beach of Sisal has the same kind of architecture and colors. It is a small coastal town with almost undisturbed coastal areas and rich biodiversity. Several historic buildings stand out in the city, such as Fort Santiagol, the former customs building, now used as a library and cultural center as well as pre-Hispanic Mayan remains.

It is a Yucatan community of friendly people. Just ask someone if there are any sea turtle eggs hatching. You may get to see a baby on its way to the sea.  Just don’t touch them. They have to make their way on their own to be able to find their way back to the same beach to lay their eggs as adults.

You can walk on this peaceful beach enjoying the breeze.  You can also observe migratory birds. The areas near the beach have coral reefs, excellent for snorkeling and diving. Its white sandy beach and warm, emerald waters are ideal for resting, sunbathing, swimming or taking a boat trip. On its quay, many fishing enthusiasts spend their afternoons or mornings.

Sisal is also a perfect beach to enjoy the sunset. Don’t forget your sunscreen and take off exploring this unique corner of paradise. 

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