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How to Discover Puerto Escondido

by Brent May

You’ve heard about Puerto Escondido. You’ve looked into it. Sounds pretty much ideal?

Yes, Puerto is getting a lot of coverage these days. From Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places for 2021 to Forbes and NY Times articles, all eyes are on Puerto.

Erin and I visit Puerto often from Huatulco. We even take mini vacations because there is just so much to do and such a great atmosphere. I love Puerto Escondido for so many things. I love its laid-back beach town vibe, I love all of the amazing restaurants serving homemade dishes, I love the nightlife and friendly expat scene. Of course, I love the surfing. I love all of the opportunities for outdoor activities. I love the family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a dynamic town with a lot of something for everyone.

I can tell you all day how much I love Puerto Escondido, but you will eventually have to come and see what all the talk is about for yourself. When you decide to come down, here is some information you will need to get a good feeling for Puerto. Or come down on a Real Estate Stay & Play!


How to get to Puerto Escondido

If you’re flying in, there are several daily flights into Puerto Escondido’s airport, PXM. Aeromexico, VivaAerobus, Volaris and Aeromar all serve Puerto Escondido via Mexico City. You can fly into Puerto from Oaxaca City with Aerotucan. If you’re driving, Puerto Escondido is on Highway 200, the coastal highway linking Acapulco and Huatulco. If you’re driving down from Oaxaca, until the new highway is finished, we recommend you take the Oaxaca-Pochutla Highway. Yes, it’s curvy and you have to take your time, but it is freshly paved. You can also travel via ADO bus lines from anywhere in Mexico.

Another option is to take advantage of direct flights into Huatulco and then taxi up to Puerto Escondido. See How to Get to Huatulco.


Where to stay in Puerto Escondido

There are lots of places to stay depending on what kind of accommodations you prefer. Plan ahead. If you’re looking to get a real feel for Puerto Escondido because you’re exploring the option of investing in your dream home on the Oaxaca Coast, we recommend you check with a local rental agency like Bayside Vacations in Puerto Escondido. Dealing directly with a local agency gives you the distinct advantage of actually talking with humans about the kind of experience you want to live while you’re in town.


What to do

Oh, this is the easy part. Getting to know Puerto Escondido is a real pleasure. Puerto Escondido is a healthy hot spot where creating or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy. You’re going to have an adventure filled with phenomenal experiences. You’ll have to choose because you can’t do it all in one visit.


Yoga for every body

All levels, all styles, everywhere! Try out yoga for the first time or continue your practice.


Walking barefoot on the beach (kilometers and kilometers)

Walking barefoot has many advantages like increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep. The health benefits come from the relationship between our bodies and the electrons in the earth.


Bathing in the hot springs in Puerto Escondido’s backcountry

Hike or ride horseback to Atotonilco with a local guide. After the trip up the Manialtepec River valley, you can enjoy the shade and the sulfurous hot springs that are good for the skin, women’s diseases, asthma, neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and shoulder, neck and wrist pains. The waters also have a detoxifying and mucolytic effect.


Exploring Puerto’s beaches

For an overview of Puerto’s beaches and why people love living here, check out our article here. With more beaches than days of the week, you’ll find the one with the personality that fits you best!


Breathing in the salty air

Ever wonder why you feel so good after being on the beach? You’ve breathed in lots of little invisible negative ions. They are thought to create biochemical reactions that change our levels of serotonin, which helps reduce stress in our bodies and improve our moods.


Swimming in the ocean

Besides the physical exercise of swimming in the salt water, it also helps rid the body of toxins, rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin and flushes out the sinuses. The salt inhibits bacterial overgrowth as well as fungal infections.


You may have heard about the Surfing

Ask the surfers. Puerto Escondido is THE spot. If you haven’t surfed and would like to learn, you will have no problem finding an instructor in the surf schools or directly on the beach at the beginner to intermediate surf beaches at La Punta or Carrizalillo. If you’re not into surfing, you will definitely spend time watching the surfers along Zicatela sipping a cocktail at sunset where the sun dives into the ocean. Pure magic.


Shopping at the market

Going to the market for fresh fruits and veggies is an incredible experience. You’ll find a huge variety of produce and colorful fruit. You will likely make some tropical discoveries.


Wellness treatments

You can schedule a massage or other treatments at home. Puerto has many wellness professionals offering an extensive list of services: different types of massage, reflexology, acupuncture, reiki, juicing detoxes, etc.


Relaxing in the hammocks

Swaying in the wind with the sound of the waves, a good book and a cool drink are as soul soothing as it gets. Read more about the hammock culture here.


Discovering Puerto’s restaurants

There are so many gems around town these days. From laid-back to chic, from authentic to fancy tacos, you’ll find something for every occasion in Rinconada or Zicatela. For seafood, check out the Adoquin. For a more laid-back vibe, head over to La Punta. Shoes optional. For authentic tacos and pozole, get yourself to the Centro.


Enjoying Puerto’s nightlife

There are a range of nightlife scenes from live music in restaurants and bars to dance parties. Check out the lively beach spots along Zicatela. This is the center of the action. You’ll find fliers and posters.

I could go on: go to see the whales and dolphins, watch baby turtles hatch on the beach, kayak through a lagoon filled with migratory birds, take a Oaxacan cooking class, hike to the waterfalls. But also check out the local expat scene.

But like any destination, it’s not just about the visits. It’s the experience. So, let yourself get lost, talk to strangers, don’t plan every second, take public transportation and try the food!

There is literally something for everyone to experience in Puerto Escondido. If you’re looking at moving here, we have homes for every taste and budget. Whether you are a retiree, a surfer, a hippie or a family with children, you will find an incredible lifestyle.  Beaches with waves or bays with calm waters, a quiet local atmosphere, or a lovely evening scene, you just have to choose your neighborhood. Plus, you will live incredible experiences. There is no end to the experiential lifestyle here.

You can also discover Puerto Escondido on our Real Estate Stay & Play. This is our Puerto Escondido discovery trip. It is an authentic experience combined with customized real estate tours and insider tips. Let us know how we can help you!

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