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Puerto Escondido Diving

by Brent May

If you are fan of scuba diving, a trip to Puerto Escondido will offer you many world-class dive locations which are far away from the crowd. You could admire an endless array of beautiful underwater scenery such as unexplored reefs and great marine biodiversity. During your dive, you could possibly encounter a wide range of marine species like moray eels, three different species of turtles, angelfish, butterfly fish, stone fish, groupers, and more. Most of the dive sites in the area have a maximum depth of 10 meters for diving.

Best dive sites

Punta Colorada

Punta Colorada is one of the top dive sites not just in Puerto Escondido, but also in Mexico. It is known as a turtle nesting beach and a lagoon full of wildlife. The rich ecosystem and marine life combine to making this a prized dive spot in the region. A lot of efforts are made to protect and preserve the site.

Roca Blanca

Roca Blanca is one of the best dive sites in Puerto Escondido, which is a must in your diving itinerary. The area is a world-renowned scuba diving site but is suited only for advanced divers due to the strong waves in the area. Extreme precaution is needed when diving Roca Blanca. Some of the marine life species that thrive here include tuna, turtles, dolphins, and oysters.

Pressure Point

Pressure Point, along with Punta Colorada and Roca Blanca, offers excellent diving spots. Diving this site gives the opportunity to see a diversity of colorful fish such as trigger, puffer, parrot, butterfly, and angel fishes.

Deep Blue Dive is a small diving club located in Hotel Ines on Zicatela

Lorenzo the owner really cares about the ocean and the creatures that live there. The staff are professional, friendly, the equipment is in good condition. They speak Spanish, English, Italian, German and French. Excellent value. Each dive offers a different experience. There is the option to go snorkeling, go whale and dolphin watching in the morning, then diving in the afternoon. The Deep Blue Dive staff take you to discover the most beautiful reef with many fish, several species of dolphins and sea turtles. So, on your fins and have a good trip !

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