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Retirement in Mexico – Half the Cost & Double the Quality of Life

by Erin May


As nest eggs dwindle and the first wave of baby boomers retire, many are rethinking their retirement plans.  And what better plan than to consider a retirement where the weather is warm and housing costs & cost of living is half  as it is at home.  The beautiful state of Oaxaca provides considerably lower costs of living while allowing retirees to live the quality of life they always dreamed of.

A good rule of thumb is that the cost of living in Oaxaca is about half of that in the US or Canada.

Basic cable TV (the price increases for packages), telephone, unlimited high speed internet is approximately $90-$100 per month. With a package through the phone company, national long distance calls are one peso per minute, and to the US two pesos.

Gasoline costs less, public transportation is a fraction and food costs about half the price.  Local produce is not only tastier and more fresh, it costs about half the price as at home.  A couple can participate in the Mexican national healthcare program for about $500-$600 USD per year, depending on age.

Source: Alvin Starkman 

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