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How You Can Start & Succeed in Owning Mexico

by Erin May

How You Can Start – 0.0 to Success Road Map 

How You Can Start? We created a simple road map to show you how easy the process is.  Follow the mapped-out steps 0.0 to 10.0 and see how you too can live the dream of owning ocean front property in Mexico.  If we can do it, we know you can do it too!  Enjoy!

0.0 General Location

– You, like us, are a lover of Mexico because of.

– The Beaches are World Class and are abundant.

– It is a short and easy flight from Canada and the USA

– There are still spots that are authentic Mexico (fewer tourists and therefore inexpensive)

1.0 Narrowing Down the Location 

– Read the ‘Why Oaxaca (Wa-Haw-Ka) page and understand it is a laid back paradise that can not be ignored.

–  Learn more about the state of Oaxaca by visiting TomZap and attending up and coming information sessions.

– It has the most consistent weather in Mexico with average temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit)

– Beautiful and peaceful beaches alongside crystal blue waters.

– No rain in the winter season.

2.0 Pin Pointing the Location

– Identify developments that are right for you.

– We are at the Center of the Oaxaca Coast or ‘Costa Chica’ (Little Coast) and have everything you love about Mexico and more…

 3.0 Picking the Development

– Now it is time to pick your development – Viewpoint at Puerto Angel or Oasis Pacifico are the two best values on the Oaxaca Coast.

– Have your questions answered.  Meet us and attend our live in person presentations, video meetings, send emails and make phone calls with the sales team.

4.0 Picking the Floor Plan

– Now the you have chosen the development pick out the floor plan the best suits your needs.

– Utilize the sales staff to assist you with this process.

5.0 Book A Stay & Play

– Come down, stay at Viewpoint at Puerto Angel.  Tour floor plans of Viewpoint or homes and lots at Oasis Pacifico.   More information can be found on our stay & play page.

– The stay & play will be and enjoyable experience.  Take the time to enjoy your piece of paradise.

6.0 Making the Offer

– Contact the sales staff to make an offer on the floor plan of your choice.

– Discuss options and upgrades with your sales representative and have your final questions answered.

7.0 The Contract

– Once the offer is accepted review the purchase contract to ensure all the details have been recorded.

– The contracts are printed in Spanish and English and are easy to read and understand.

– Ask the sales staff if you need assistance or a referral for review of the contract.

8.0 Possession and the Closing Process

– Provide the deposits outlined in the contract.

– Upon completion of the unit complete a final inspection in person, or by video to ensure that the unit is finished to your liking.

– Take possession, complete payment, and start enjoying you unit.

9.0 Furnishing Your Unit

– There are many options of local artists and craftsmen in the area.  We have 2 places we recommend to our clients who make quality furniture and have excellent service.

10.0 Success 

– Congratulations you are now proud owners of a luxury ocean front condo in Mexico.  Let the fun begin!  It is now time to truly make Mexico your own.  Own it!

– The process is straightforward with added peace of mind dealing with fellow Canadians.  We did it and we know you can do it!



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