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Our Story in Mexico – 4 Years In

by Brent May

It seems like only yesterday we were pondering life and wondering what our next steps were going to be.  We were looking for something new and for a way to improve our quality of life.  I spent years dabbling in real estate and owning and operating a construction company in Canada.  I then started up a marketing company with a few choice products. 

After a lengthy conversation with a new friend who was developing property in Mexico Erin and I took another trip to the Huatulco region and took advantage of an opportunity, with a little leap of faith, to head up the sales and marketing division of 2 developments in the south Pacific of Mexico.  Years later life is much different than that day back in Calgary AB in 2009.

We have now moved from the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Angel into Huatulco to allow our real estate business to flourish.  Starting and growing a business was challenging in Canada but doing it in Mexico presents new obstacles and a larger learning curve.   We have been very fortunate to have the support of local professionals, developers and new friends who help guide us through some of our growing pains.  We truly feel welcome by the local people and are proud to be accepted here.  Our business is growing as we take on more listings, manage more rentals, add new team members and continue to educate more people about the “hidden gem’’  Huatulco.  ‘’Come down for a stay and play and see for yourself” is one of my favorite things to say when visiting back in Canada.  Fortunately it is catching on.

I must say one of our biggest hurdles of doing business in Mexico is the fact that we speak very little of the local language.  This really is our biggest weakness here.  I can think of many excuses as to why I have not picked up the language faster than I have, one being that my clients are English speaking and ‘’I am more of a math and science kind of guy’’ and I like to joke that I do not even speak English all that well.  My local Mexican friends bug me and say they now have to learn “Bren-glish’’ to communicate with me and all of my slang or Canadianisms.  I suppose we are a testament that a non-Spanish speaking foreigner can survive here, get by, make friends and run a business.  That being said we have made a commitment to better ourselves and enhance our lives by learning the local language out of respect to our local friends and people we do business with.  We will take our own advice and slow and steady wins the race.

Besides work and learning the language we still love to do the things that attracted us to the area in the first place. We try to get out to the beach as much as possible, as well as enjoy activities such as mountain biking, paddle boarding and snorkeling on our days off.  Erin has also started to learn to play guitar and enjoys taking Mexican food cooking classes.  I have truly started to live my dream life.  I have always aspired to be able to wake up early and get out on my paddle or surf board for about 90 minutes before work. We now live in a location where this is possible, and it’s on!  I will not call myself a surfer yet, but I have caught some fun waves and have also had days where I have been scared for my life.  I have always had a love for the ocean and to be in it and on it as much as possible.  Once that 90 minutes is complete the fun does not stop with the excitement of work and desire to meet new people and learn about their life and story while guiding them through the Mexico real estate process. ‘’The heart longs for new experiences.’’


Doing business in Mexico has opened our eyes to what an amazing country it really is.  We have grown so much from our first trip 20 years ago to an all-inclusive resort.  We have learned how welcoming and helpful the local people are, way beyond what we had originally thought.  We also see the importance to give back for being welcomed into this wonderful land.  There is no doubt the Huatulco region and the Oaxaca coast is the best place to live and vacation in the world.

Come down and see for yourself as there is a distinct and noticeable list that sets this place apart from other sun destinations. When you are here you will see it is obvious.  Thank-you for following our story and we look forward to meeting you for a cold one in paradise.

Brent & Erin May

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