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The Best Dessert Spots in Huatulco

by Andrea Titzer

In our next series, Janessa, Bayside’s marketing manager and food connoisseur extraordinaire, shares her favorite foodie spots around Huatulco. We’ll cover everything from our favorite authentic Mexican taco stands (por supuesto!), our dreamy sunset cocktail lounges (salud!) to our famous Huatulco Italian eateries (buon appetito!).


Sweet tooth cravings? Best desserts & snacks that hit the spot!

In this first article, Janessa has rounded up her favorite spots to indulge your sweet tooth with our top Huatulco dessert spots! The research was excruciating but here she shares the sweetest way to end a meal or top off the day. We already knew Huatulco was a veritable paradise. We didn’t know it could get even sweeter!

Here’s where to get your sugar fix at the beach!


Quick, fast and refreshing!
Ice Cream Shops

Zamora in La Crucecita

Easy place to hang in the heat of the day: ice creams by the scoop or bars, aguas frescas, highly recommended horchata de coco.

La Michoacana

La Michoacana has a large selection of  ice creams, ices, drinks and all sorts of cold treats. Perfect for having a stroll around town!


Top Lava Cake Spots


Chocolate lovers pay attention. Mercader located in Santa Cruz is a small restaurant with a mouth-watering menu serving up international food with a selection of Asian food, and fresh and seasonal options including appetizers, soups, main dishes and uh-mazing desserts.  The Lava Cake is served with homemade ice cream and is baked upon request.


Uno located in Quinta Bella Hotel on Chahue Beach is an Asian dining experience.

This TripAdviser reviewer gives us the lowdown on the Lava Cake experience.



The Love Bar

The Love Bar located in La Crucecita. Beautiful crepes and frothy frappés, what’s not to love?



Welcome to the Tiramisu “section.” Because we have a section. Because we are so lucky to have many lovely Italian eateries in Huatulco! These are the TOPs for Tiramisu!  Rated from Very Best to 3rd Best!

7 Tavoli

7 Tavoli  right on the Marina, enjoy the quiet setting with the best tiramisu in town!

Romagna Mia

Romagna Mia, serving up not only amazing tiramisu but fresh, delicious pastas and sauces. Dine in or take away.  

Mare Huatulco

Mare Huatulco is an excellent dining option for Italian seafood dishes in Huatulco. Rave reviews, one of our favs and great tiramisu!


Other great restaurants with amazing desserts!

Rocoto always has outstanding desserts. And Ocean Restaurant in Arrocito has deep-fried Oreo and it is to die for!

There you have it! A not so small list of the very best desserts in Huatulco! Go explore, be sweet and let us know your favorite in the comments below! And thank you, Janessa!



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Tera Cotta
Carrot Cake!

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