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The Sight of Huatulco

by Brent May


When we think about calm and our ideal location, we might imagine a long beach, with clear blue water, the sun high in the sky, and no clouds around. In this “Awaken Your Senses to Huatulco” series, we’ll explore how our health and  happiness are affected by landscapes and our view.

Sight and seeing

Sight is not only the actually “seeing.” It is also a way of contemplating and interpreting our world from a specific point of view. That viewpoint can be a place, a painting, a cherished landscape or one we’ve grown tired of.

Sight is precious to enjoy special moments and creates feelings and emotions. Sight connects us to others in a simple way; being mesmerized by life and its surprises. That is one of the guiding elements of the Huatulco community. We often share how fortunate we feel to be a part of this community and the unique experiences it offers.

It’s going to be a good, good day

Huatulco is known for its incredibly blue skies and its 360 days of sun per year. But it’s not only the sun. It’s the special quality of the light that highlights the beauty of this place. It accentuates all of the blues of the ocean and the greens of the woods and gardens. More than that, the sun is the best remedy against sadness and stress. As light illuminates a place, it also illuminates our mind, creating space and lifting up our thoughts. 

See the colors

The sun isn’t the only factor that keeps us happy. The blue sky and ocean water are as important. According to scientists, the color blue calms us down, soothes illness and treats pain. Blue can even lower the pulse rate and body temperature. The greenery of the countryside and woods also has a positive effect on our mind.We feel refreshed when we’re surrounded by trees and the lush green of plants. We feel restful and cheerful. Researches have even found that the color green improves reading ability.

Mexico is well known for its colorful culture, with different species of flowers, art (think of Frida Khalo), traditional dress, festivities like Day of the Dead with flowers and decorations everywhere. In this colorful mix, Mexico invites us to follow its lightness and friendliness, abandoning our monotonous gray winter ideas. Mexicans love color themselves and you will stop, astounded in front of some scene of daily life overwhelmed by the beauty of the mix of color from hanging laundry to the house painted in “Rosa mexicana”. As its name says, it’s “Mexican pink.” You will have no doubt about which pink that is.

The Huatulco touch

If you think that the colors and the beauty of Huatulco ends as the sun goes down, think again. Even when the sun doesn’t shine to show us the beauty of the region, the stars take over. In the dark night, the sky is illuminated with stars burning through the distance. Check them out sitting on the beach under a crystal clear winter sky.

Far from the screens that damage our eyes and close to things that enrich our hearts, Huatulco is waiting for you.

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