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Top 10 Mexico Vacation Spots

by Brent May


From stunning white sand coastlines and a thriving nightlife, to isolated mountains and prehistoric wrecks, Mexico encompasses all it takes to draw visitors from across the world. Whether you are setting up a fun-packed family holiday or in search of a personal, passionate escape, you are certain to get ideal Mexico vacation spots such as:


Known for its astounding nightlife, Cancun is extremely trendy with college students, spring-breakers, and celebration animals across the world. If olden times appeal to you in so far as carousing, nevertheless, explore the prehistoric Mayan remains close by. If you want to chill out and boast a good time while sticking to a financial plan, you can pick from numerous comprehensive Cancun holiday packages.


Situated on an inlet, Acapulco is one of most well-liked Mexico vacation spots. It has excellent hotels, magnificent coastlines and many activities like golfing, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Whether you desire a family holiday or a passionate getaway, you can be confident you will have lots of enjoyment in Acapulco.

Puerto Vapuerto-vallarta-real-estate-05llarta

Situated at the bottom of Sierra Madre, Puerto Vallarta is among the most popular Mexico vacation spots. It presents passionate getaways, in addition to family unit activities like led expeditions of the Sierra Madre, scuba diving and fishing. As well as fine eating places, nightclubs and bars, Puerto Vallarta has numerous fashionable boutiques and is an excellent place for shopping.


Mexico’s biggest isle, Cozumel, is the ideal target for diving fans. If you adore scuba diving or snorkeling, you will be pleased with a magnificent sight of striking undersea coral reefs. From water sports and deep-sea fishing to private coastlines and bathing with the dolphins, Cozumel presents many activities for both honeymooners and families.


With more than 10 miles of perfect beach, it is a marvel that Mazatlan is among the most popular Mexico vacation spots. From golfing, fishing, surfing and sailing, to fine dining and shopping, Mazatlan has something for everybody.


Cabo San LucasGolf

Situated on the southern tilt of the Baja cape, Cabo San Lucas is an admired golf target with a number of competition golf courses. Besides golfing, you can unwind on the gorgeous coastlines, go fishing or take pleasure in water games like parasailing, surfing, or scuba diving.


Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is currently a superb holiday spot with perfect coral reefs, white beaches, and a serene way of life. If you would like to take pleasure in swimming, golfing and snorkeling in a calmer, more tranquil setting, Playa del Carmen is the ideal holiday spot for you.


Tulum is best recognized for its calm coastlines and Mayan wrecks. Balanced on a limestone mount, the wrecks present a spectacular sight of the Caribbean ocean. Whether it is relaxing on the private coastlines, dipping in the waters or taking pleasure in tasty seafood at the neighboring eateries, Tulum is ideal for the traveler who desires complete leisure.

Isla MujeresThe-Best-Day-Of-Your-Life-at-Isla-Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small fishing town that is barely five miles stretched and roughly half a mile broad. The clear waters are ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing or even dipping with dolphins.




Oaxaca coast in Mexico is situated in the South-eastern area of Mexico. The pleasing sub-tropical weather and the tranquility of distant locations draw most tourists to the Oaxaca Valley making it one of the most popular Mexico vacation spots. It encompasses mountains nearly 10,000 feet high, caves among the deepest in the globe, virgin coastlines, buried jungles, and brilliant valleys.


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