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by Sandra Roussy


Zicatela is the 3 km beach in Puerto Escondido that has kept a chill surfer vibe over the years despite its rising popularity. You can have an early morning surf session and then sit back and sip on some Mezcalitas in one of the several beachfront restaurants later in the day and watch the sun disappear into the Pacific Ocean. 

Top Surf Location – The Mexican Pipeline

Puerto Escondido is a paradise surf destination and is on several top surf location lists worldwide. The big tubular waves hit Zicatela beach every year between April and September. Numerous international surf competitions are held during this period when the waves can top 12 meters and come barreling down the beach with a deafening, rumbling force. A sight to see and hear!

Learn to Surf

Want to get in on the action? Heading out into the Zicatela waves with no prior experience is not recommended for the obvious reasons. Oasis Surf School has certified and professional instructors that will teach you all about how to respect the ocean and they will get you up on that board and riding those waves in no time. Also, know that Puerto Escondido has beginner and intermediate surf breaks as well. 

Scratch Skydiving Off Your Bucket List

Imagine flying up 4000 m and jumping out of an aircraft to see the beautiful port town from the sky to finally land on Zicatela beach. Skydive Puerto Escondido provides this unique and unforgettable experience year-round and is safety-certified with world-renowned coaches and instructors.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Strolling down Zicatela will certainly get your appetite into overdrive. The choices of places to eat and drink on Zicatela abound. Most have seafood specialties with their fresh catch of the day. Choose a place, kick off your flip-flops, and enjoy dining with your feet in the sand.

El Costa Ceviche & Grill will grill your fish in a Volkswagen van. The french fries that come with the grilled fish are absolutely delicious and addictive.


Cayuco Cocina & Mezcal is another one of our go-to places for a savory Mexican experience. Their menu is unique and blends traditional

Oaxacan cuisine with just the right amount of modern touches.

Many other restaurants like Agua Sala, Sativa, and Fresh also offer great dining experiences.


Zicatela is a hotspot for nightlife in Puerto Escondido. Casa Babylon, Revolucion, Kaballah, and the legendary Barfly are some of the most popular spots to hit for some nighttime dancing and cocktails. Don’t miss trying some of the unique mezcal cocktails these places offer.

Where to Lay Your Salty-Haired Head

Zicatela has plenty of lodging options. From the affordable backpacker’s hostels to the more upscale hotels. You’re sure to find a place that will fit your budget on Zicatela. Santa Fe Hotel is an iconic hotel that has been on Zicatela since 1981 and also has a great restaurant. 

Selina Puerto Escondido is the new baby on the street and is a hostel that offers co-working spaces for the digital nomads.

Playa Zicatela is where you find the local Puerto Escondido people, the surfing backpackers on a budget settling in for a few months, and also the vacationers there for a week to unwind and relax. They mix and mingle in a chill way on Zicatela without pretension and everyone is there for the same reason; to enjoy the sea, the sand, the food, and the sunsets.

Photos by Sandra Roussy

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