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Why Buying a Mexico Property is Safe

by Brent May

OCDMAre you considering moving south and taking pleasure in a slower paced way of life on Oaxaca coast? Whether you are thinking about a Mexico retreat, or moving there for any other cause, present circumstances have made purchasing a Mexico property the perfect option.

Besides Mexico being close to the U.S., with fast, cheap and unproblematic trips, the cost of living is extremely low, the same as taxes – sales taxes, property taxes, etc. Current, high-tech health care is accessible for a tiny proportion of the cost as compared to the United States, and health cover is accessible for roughly $1 per day. These benefits are ideal for retirement; however they are as well actual additional benefits for anybody taking into consideration residing in Mexico. Here are 3 reasons to reside in Mexico, whether for retreat or other motives.

Safe, comfortable and neighborly

Residing in Mexico is safe, neighborly and comfortable. The media likes to bank on bad stories and magnify them and has as a result smeared an extremely negative picture of Mexico. Whereas drug associated hostility is a real issue on the U.S. border, the largest part of Mexico is less influenced by this.

Everyday life in Mexico is extremely safe. Whereas a lot of homes are accessible in concealed gated communities, a number of Expats opt to reside in other kinds of communities, and feel secure than in a lot of U.S. cities. There are at all times Canadian and American nationals around, in addition to several from Europe and a lot of other places. The neighborhoods are as well extremely welcoming.


High quality beachfront Mexico properties are accessible for about $250,000. Those in search of something to go well with a lesser budget, or an exceptional investment prospect, can get beachfront property with all essential services at affordable prices where you can live the dream.

If you would like to reside in complete ease, you can succeed with about $2,000 per month, and if a simpler way of life is interesting to you, your resources can be even not as much as this. The rate of the peso is extremely low at the moment. This implies that your cash will last you longer here.

Buyer Market

The second motive is the “consumer’s market” which was formed throughout the depression. Whereas several people believe the depression is currently on the upswing, a lot of Canadian and American consumers have not yet reclaimed full assurance in taking the stride to buy another house. However this situation implies that the Mexico properties geared towards overseas purchasers are accessible in great numbers. Substantial price drops are still being presented on original asking costs – at times in so far as 33%. Several sellers as well provide extra enticements.

If you have ever considered buying any kind of Mexico properties, whether for retreat, or simply to get pleasure from life on the coastline. Get an excellent property agent, and begin looking for your novel home.

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