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Why Invest in Yucatan

by Brent May

Forbes magazine named Mérida as one of three cities in Mexico that is a guarantee for good investment. Indeed it is a fast growing city and the state of Yucatan is the safest in the Mexican Republic according to the National Survey on Safety Conditions.

Renowned for its culture, architecture, food and archeological sites, Yucatan state is the favorite among active retirees for investment and retirement.

Here are the reasons why more people than ever are investing in Yucatan.

1. Location

The Yucatan Peninsula borders the Gulf of Mexico with its warm, crystal clear waters to the north and west. Similar to the beaches of Southern Florida, the 378 kms of white-sand beaches are home to relaxing foreign residential communities. This privileged location allows you to connect more easily with the rest of the world. It takes less than 2 hours to travel to the Southeast of the United States by plane, and it is one of the most strategic points in Mexico to travel to Europe.

Being one of the safest states in the country, Yucatan translates into a high quality of life, highlighted by the warmth and friendliness of the Yucatan people.

2. Quality of life

In Yucatan, there’s no rush. Life is much calmer and more peaceful than the cosmopolitan cities in the central region of the country. Far from the stress and noise that characterize other cities, this peacefulness is punctuated with world-class infrastructure. High quality health care, communications networks, education facilities, an international airport as well as a commercial trading port are all reasons retirees as well as active families looking for a change of pace are investing here. seeking better quality of life at a reasonable price

3. Natural resources

It is also a place where natural wonders abound. Yucatan has a wide variety of natural resources: flora and fauna, caves such as Loltun and Calcehtok, cenotes and an extensive coastline of beaches, from Celestun to El Cuyo. In addition, Yucatán is characterized by having a quality road, port and rail infrastructure. Likewise, the state has also developed an important electrical structure that includes the use of clean energy, generated through the largest solar park in southeastern Mexico.

4. Culture

With various museums and cultural centers, Yucatan is known worldwide for its traditions and cultural heritage including gastronomy, dances, clothing, and archaeological remains of Mayan culture.

The cultural life in the capital of Yucatan is not restricted to tradition but is in constant innovation. No other city in the Americas besides Merida has been named American Capital of Culture twice.

5. Smart investment

Beachfront real estate prices are still relatively low comparatively to Quintana Roo, Yucatan’s southern neighbor and home to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Adding to safe, low-risk opportunities, investment in the safest state in the country is multiplying dividends. Over the past 5 years, growth and capital gains in real estate in the Yucatan have gained new momentum. It is not uncommon for residential properties to double in value in less than 5 years. Some current returns on investment are up to 120%. Success stories like this should not go unnoticed if you are looking to seed your money to grow over time.

Yucatan is one of the states in the country with the greatest investment attractiveness. The state’s economy is stable and growing, real estate prices remain affordable, it is a popular tourism destination and property is appreciating.

It is no coincidence that the state continues to steadily grow and that opportunities to invest at a low price will decrease.

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What’s the most economic beach front market in Yucatán with amenities and of course a safe place?


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