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7 ways to not lose your shit while self distancing in Huatulco, Mexico

by Brent May


As we continue to stop the spread, self isolation is an important task for us all. Considering there are only so many on-demand shows you can handle, what do you do without losing your mind? Well, if you’re in Huatulco, you are among the lucky. Besides keeping the Vitamin D gauge full, check out our top 7 list to stay safe and sane during these challenging times. One day at a time. One activity per day.

1) Kayaking in the ocean.
If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself a kayak and head out to sea. You have plenty of space to self distance and to experience these fabulous outdoors. It is one of the ways to get on the ocean and admire the town and the hills from a different perspective.

2) Ride the single track mountain bike trails north of the Golf Course.
It is a different way of experiencing the beauty of Huatulco! Pedal on to get into close contact with nature, the unique vegetation and species of birds along these unusual Pacific Coast trails.

3) Paddle Board on fresh water lagoons.
If you love sea and water sports then you cannot miss the opportunity to try stand up paddle boarding! Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is ideal for exercise, practicing balance and good times with friends and family. Easy to learn and so versatile, you’ll be hooked after the first time out.


4) Hike to Cacaluta.
Bahia Cacaluta is located southwest of the big Santa Cruz Bay beach and got its name from the Zapotec word meaning “black bird” or cacalote, the name of a variety of crows or ravens. This bay is the ideal setting to relax and enjoy the beauty of its flora and fauna.

5) Rollerblade on the coastal paths west of the light house.
What’s better than breathing fresh air while rollerblading along the Pacific coast? Rollerblading is the perfect solution for exercise without getting too tired and enjoying the landscape with a real sense of freedom.

6) Check out the trail system and watch birds in Huatulco National Park.
The orange-breasted bunting, the motmot pictured here, the chachalacas, kingfishers and 296 other bird species await you. Take your binoculars and head out early in the morning. We would love to see your favorite Huatulco bird posted here in the comments.

7) Figure out a way to give back.
Huatulco and Puerto Escondido have lots of ways to volunteer, through organizations, some traditional and some local and expat start-ups. The Huatulco Food Bank is helping local families now who have been hit hard by the fallout of COVID-19. If you feel called to assist, connect with them on Facebook. Find something that resonates with you and see how you can use this time to help. Check out our How to Volunteer in Huatulco article here.


All in all, the Huatulco bunch is a lucky one. We feel fortunate to have these opportunities so close to home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Let us know your favorite outdoor activity for staying sane these days in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

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