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Buying Our Home In Mexico – It Happened In A Flash & It Was Easy!

by Jed Pitman

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Jed, a middle-aged Englishman who on the very day of penning this, but two years ago, moved into new home in Huatulco.

It was something that happened in a flash.

One day I was on vacation, kicking up some sand on one of the beaches, not thinking of anything more than an ice-cold margarita.

Later that same day, having sat at the same table as someone who told me he had a house to sell, I was being shown around a three-bedroom home, with a garden, a pool, five palm trees, a rooftop terrace and a bar.

Life Back Home

Now, this was quite different to where I was living at the time, smack bang in the middle of a major city in England, where the people literally lived on top or beneath each other (after all, you can’t have one without the other). Space in any city in England is as good as non-existent unless you are a multi-millionaire, and I can promise you one thing, I am not one of those.

Within hours, myself and my wife had decided over dinner that if we wrote a list of the advantages and another of the disadvantages then we would be able to come to a decision of whether this incredibly sudden idea of buying a property in Mexico was a realistic proposition or the thought of a man who had licked a poisonous toad and had his brains sucked out by a powerful Dyson.

Not What We Expected

A strange thing happened. One list numbered 1 to 20, the other never got past the first of the infinite sequence of natural numbers. And I bet you can guess which list was which.

On one side was, of course, all the things we loved about Huatulco and its equally inspiring surrounds, from virgin beaches, a national park, coffee plantations, waterfalls, etc.

That was easy. But what we were talking about was spending a large sum of money on a property in a place we had only been on vacation.

In many ways, it was the same as when we were all much younger, when a boy would meet girl or vice versa on a two-week break by the seaside. Due to the excitement of being on holiday, the sea, the sun and the fun, said girl or boy would become associated with a time of 100 per cent glee. As we kissed goodbye in order to head back to our normal lives, we promised we would keep in touch, that our love for each other would never end. Then, on a grey day during a harsh winter with no sea, no sun, no fun, we realised that our special one in fact was duller than ditch water and in fact had a face that looked like a bag of crushed crabs.

No Crushed Crabs

We now didn’t want our crushed crabs to be Huatulco. We never wanted to fall out of love with the place we had so easily fallen in love with.

But the biggest wall (no Trumpism intended), was that it was just going to be too difficult. What did we know about buying a property in Mexico? There were only two hopes for us, no and Bob.

So, you may imagine our surprise that in less than a month later, we had signed contracts and moved in. A solicitor, the magnificent Marisol, walked us through every single step, explaining everything, as she needed to, in terms you would normally have to save for an unintelligent child.

Dealing with the notary was a simple process, transferring the money was just as easy and before we had had time to take it all in, we were in our own pool, sheltered by a palm tree, one which before too long joined forces with another to hold up a hammock, possibly the greatest thing I have ever bought.

So easy was it all, that we decided that we would go one step further and sell all that we had in the UK and move to Huatulco lock, stock, barrel and sombrero.

The Dis-Order of Life Back Home

Flying back to Bristol, England, in order to do this proved to be a headache which throbbed so much that those who have shares in Tylenol would have become yet richer.

One hurdle after another threatened to trip us over and if they failed in their purpose then the red tape did fell us. Everything that was painless and easy in Mexico was like pulling the bad teeth us English all have. By the time it was all done I looked like Herbert ‘Cowboy’ Coward in the film Deliverance. If only my British Realtor had screamed like a pig.

Now I Own Three Homes!

We decided that life in Mexico had to be our future.

And so, it became. We have now used Bayside and their excellent staff to invest in two more properties in Huatulco and guess what, folks? Purchasing them was easier than falling off a fast-moving log down a steep slope.

Even better is that we have already rented both out for much of next winter, just through word of mouth.

Walking my dog Chela every day, I have met many Canadians here for a few months who have said that they too would love to move here full time but have a list of fears. Each one is the same, a fear of the unknown.

Nothing to Fear

My message to all of them was the same. There is nothing to fear. Nothing at all. Do it, embrace it and never, even for a second look back. You will never have a need to do so. And crushed crabs will be a thing of the past.   

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