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How many paths lead to Huatulco: one expat’s perspective

by Andrea Titzer

This world traveler and new home buyer explains how he chose Huatulco

Billy Royal is an American expat. He retired over 20 years ago and began traveling several months of the year. He left the States permanently in 2006 and began traveling even more and settled semi-permanently in China.

During his travels, he met Brent May at an International Living Conference in Atlanta several years back. He had already been traveling the world for 3 years and became interested in buying a second home in a warm climate. Like many people, Billy heard of our Oaxaca coast through friends. He wandered down to Zipolite and looked at opportunities there. He started looking around, not only along the coast but around Mexico and ultimately around Central America.

During this exploration process, Billy was based in China. He traveled frequently and kept coming back to Mexico for about 6 years. He loved the Zipolite spirit but knew it wasn’t the right place for him because it was a little remote, internet was iffy and everyday life was just a bit too much work.

Calling to check in with Brent, Brent would ask: where are you now, Billy?

He explored Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Bacalar, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. During his 6 years of researching locations, he eventually wandered to Costa Rica, Panama and Puerto Rico.

Billy made his decision to buy in Huatulco in early 2020. He bought a condo at Sotavento with Brent’s assistance. Billy says Sotavento was a great opportunity for him. He loves the low density plan, the rentability and the isolation.

What Made You Decide on Huatulco?

Billy says he kept circling back to Huatulco for several reasons.

  1. Easy to get to.

He says Huatulco is easily accessible thanks to the international airport and frequent flights to Mexico City. It’s easy to get to. For a traveler like him, this is paramount.

  1. Accessibility.

Huatulco is developed and not overdeveloped. He loves that he can easily get to groceries and restaurants. Activities abound. Having a great lifestyle is pretty cheap. Although he loved some of the other locations, he found that they didn’t have the ease of access to every day services. He also thinks it’s great that he doesn’t really need a car. He can travel around town by taxi or bike and enjoys the walking-friendly atmosphere.

  1. A credible real estate agent.

Billy says that one of the main reasons he chose Huatulco was also the relationship that he was able to build with his real estate agent, Brent May. He says you have to trust the agent. He appreciated that Brent is patient and generated confidence as a “straight shooter.” Moreover, Billy relied on the credibility that he was able to verify by seeing and meeting current and former clients.

  1. Own Mexico Newsletters and Blog.

Billy subscribed to the Own Mexico Newsletters and Blog and says that they are a wealth of information relevant to anyone looking to invest and move down south. The newsletters showcase not only new properties but “How to” articles, and Mexican cultural pieces.

  1. Wifi.

And although something that may be taken for granted by some, (in the sense that we may just assume wifi will be fine), it is a service that should always be checked out. Billy said that other locations were appealing but none had the internet dependability like Huatulco’s. He says lots of places just don’t have a good wifi service.

  1. Huatulco is a popular Canadian tourism destination.

Although Billy wants his new property for his own second home, he still plans on traveling significantly. He plans on renting his home during high seasons and circling back home during the low seasons.

  1. Safety.

Billy says people always ask him about safety in Mexico. He says Huatulco is a safe place and he’s never had a concern for safety or security.

What advice would you offer to others looking to buy a home in Mexico?

After his years of scouring the Earth for the best second home spot, Billy has some tidbits of advice for those who are on the same quest.

Find a real estate agent you can trust.

Find a real estate agent who generates confidence, who you can get to know. He says you have to trust the deal, you have to be able to feel good about it and the right agent should generate that feeling. Your agent creates confidence by giving you a clear picture of the property: having a clear title, a good relationship with the developer if there’s one involved, knows the property inside and out, knows about the different types of land and the regulations around purchasing as a foreigner.

Get a Mexican resident permit

Billy’s second piece of advice is to get a Resident Permit. He says getting a Residente Permanente permit in Mexico is fairly easy and is the key to unlocking all kinds of doors. Read more here about getting your resident permit. This permit allows you to easily open bank accounts, set up a corporation and even qualify for health care. Read more here about How To Obtain Public Health Care in Mexico.

If you’re exploring opportunities to buy a home in Mexico, join Brent May for a free Masterclass on How to Buy Property in Mexico.

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