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Driving directions to Viewpoint at Puerto Angel

by Erin May

mexico-signDirections from Huatulco International Airport

Viewpoint is approximately 35 kms by car to the Huatulco International Airport.  Car rentals are available at the airport, and taxis are plentiful at the airport as well as all along the Oaxaca coast.

1) When leaving the Huatulco International Airport take a right turn  (West) onto hwy 200.  

2) Travel 27 kms to the Pochutla intersection and turn left (South) onto Hwy 175. Travel 8 kms to Puerto Angel.  

3) Once in Puerto Angel you will make a left turn at the white ‘Capitania Puerto Angel’ sign and start to travel up the mountainous trail.

4) Hang a right at the first corner and follow around the stone wall.

5) Turn left at the fork in the road and continue up the hill.  

6) Take your next right at the next fork in the road.  The road will become gravel at this point.

7) Finally a left at the next fork. Follow this around the house on the right and then the sharp cliff on the right until you reach the Viewpoint gate. The security guard will be there to let you in. There is also a bell you can ring should security be away doing their rounds. Sounds simple enough! Please follow the signs and the google map below.

Here is a video showing how to get to Viewpoint at Puerto Angel from Huatulco by vehicle.  

Getting Around

The taxi has to be the easiest and most cost effective way to get around. There are so many taxis that you don’t have to worry about going to a taxi stand. Simply standing at the side of the road where you are and waiving for a taxi should be sufficient… and you won’t have to wait long. All taxi rates are set in advance based on distance and most local trips should cost you anywhere between $20-$50 pesos. Once you start to stray outside the immediate town expect to barter with your driver on the cost to take you to a destination.

Rental Car Locations

  • Oaxaca Car Rental – their prices tend to be a little less expensive and they are willing to work long term rentals deals if you are down for a longer period of time. Their cars have always been clean, run well, and they have never been late for an appointment or blown a rental deal. For reservations please contact Patricio Hernandez at 958 581 0293 or email him at: reservaciones@oaxacacarrental.com.mx. Their address is: Blvd. Benito Juarez s/n, Local 5, Bahia de Tangolunda
  • Hertz – certainly a well know rental company, they have friendly English speaking staff. Their rates are less expensive however I would like to see the company pay a little more attention to detail and the condition of their vehicles. It is certainly an option but I would consider it a second option. Please contact Angeles Monterrubio  at: 958 103 5396 or email: amonterrubio@avasa.com.mx Blvd. The address is: Benito Juarez Num.8, Local 1 Int.
  • Europcar – located at the Crown Pacific Bahia de Tangolunda, this is another option. While I have never personally used them I do hear mixed reviews on their vehicles and service. Please, let me know what you think…


Expect to pay a little more for this service in exchange for total flexibility of your schedule. If you wanted to make a day of going from Huatulco to Puerto Escondido you could expect to pay somewhere around $150 USD for this service. I have drivers that I have used in the past so best to contact me for arrangements.


There are really multiple levels of buses along the entire coastline but the one that most people will be interested in are the trans-regional buses. The Ado station in Huatulco is the launching point for your journeys to the east or west of Huatulco. These buses are usually very clean with comfortable seats and are consistent with what we would have in Canada or the United States. The fees are very reasonable, and if you don’t mind a couple of extra stops before you reach your ultimte destination, then this is a great way to do it on the cheap. A bus from Huatulco to Puerto Escondido will set you back about $80 pesos.

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