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How To Move to Mexico – The Relocation Process

by Erin May

move to mexicoOnce you have made your decision to move to Mexico, there will be a lot of planning and organizing to do before you leave your home country.

This ‘ How To Relocate’ guide will provide you with a checklist of items that need to be considered leading up to your moving day and will ensure a smooth move to your new casa South of the border.

Relocation Consultants – These companies offer a range of services, from background research to full-service moving management.  You will pay more based on the amount of services you wish to have these consultants handle on your behalf.  Using relocations consultants will cost you more, but will make your move to Mexico very seamless.

move to mexico

Travel Documentation – Ensure you and your family have a valid passport and that you have your proper visa to live and work in Mexico.  You can contract services of an Immigration Lawyer to assist with the visa process.

Driver’s License – Mexico doesn’t require you to have an International Driver’s license, so be sure to take your home country license with you.  You can apply for a Mexican driver’s license if you wish.

move to mexicoPets – You can take your pets to Mexico, but you will need to apply for permission, as your pet will need to have its’ papers in order.  You will also need to supply a Health Certificate issued by an official authority or by a licensed veterinarian provided that his signature is approved by a state veterinarian and proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper, administered at least 15 days before the arrival of your pet in Mexico.

Moving Companies – If you are using a moving company to move to Mexico it is wise to choose well established companies that will provide you with a quote to have personal items moved to Mexico. 

Change of Address – Contact all organizations about your change of address. Arrange a holding and/or forwarding address in your home country if you still don’t yet have a permanent address in Mexico.

Medical Records & Prescriptions – it is wise to obtain copies of you and your family’s medical records as well as any prescription medicine you are taking if you need to buy more in Mexico. 

What Can I Bring?   Moving items to Mexico

Mexican Customs Law states you can bring any household goods and personal effects, including personal items and furniture, clothes, books, furniture, appliances, computers, entertainment electronics, musical instruments, and artwork.  The artwork must not be complete collections for the installation of expositions or an art gallery.  You can bring scientific instruments and tools needed for your profession or hobby, however cannot bring tools and instruments for the installation of laboratories, clinics or workshops. 

Medical equipment (wheelchairs, blood pressure/sugar monitor, oxygen generator) are duty free and most medicines in reasonable quantities are allowed, but should be in the original pharmacy packaging with the doctor’s name.

Items you cannot bring include guns and ammunition.  Mexico is extremely strict about this.  You cannot bring fresh or frozen food, including cheese.  Packaged and canned goods are usually allowed.  Fresh or dried plants and plant material including spices and seeds are also prohibited.

Previously you had to get paperwork issued by your Mexican consulate called a Menaje de Casa (household items), that allowed you to bring household belongings without paying an import duty. While the Menaje is gone, it is still useful to prepare a list for use with the customs folks at the border.

The move to Mexico is a big process and involves many steps and decisions.  By using the information your move will be smoother and easier.   





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