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Fishermen in Oaxaca Give Away their Catch to Needy Families

by Brent May

Fishermen in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, have begun to donate their catches to people in marginalized neighborhoods who have been the hardest hit by the economic effects of Covid-19.

The president of the Oaxaca State Fishing Alliance, Anselmo López Villalobos, said he and his fellow fishermen are doing it with an “attitude of solidarity” inspired by President López Obrador, who called on people to help the neediest in society during the crisis.

“While some fish, others empty nets, others cart the fish off to put it on ice and from there distribute it,” he said.

López said that many low-income residents in Puerto Escondido have come to rely on the donations as their main or only source of food during the Covid-19 crisis.

The municipal government of San Pedro Mixtepec, in which the popular tourist destination is located, is subsidizing the effort by covering the cost of fuel for the fishboats.

Alliance members are also donating fish to citizens in San Pedro Pochutla and Salina Cruz, located farther down the coast.

Fishermen in the latter city said they are prepared to give up to 240 tonnes of fish per month to those in need, a monthly donation valued at 10 million pesos (US $421,000).

“We will keep doing this as long as the circumstances allow us to,” said López, who added that he even wants to expand the program as far inland as Oaxaca city.

And to ensure that the circumstances allow him to carry out the initiative he is asking the state and federal governments for a 2.5-million-peso (US $105,000) donation to mobilize more boats in the alliance’s fleet.

“That investment is nothing for the federal and state governments,” he said.

Source: Mexico News Daily

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