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Flying to Huatulco

by Brent May

flying to huatulcoThe top emerging market of Huatulco (Wa-Tool-Co) Mexico continues to gain popularity among sun worshipers who desire a laid-back authentic paradise. Upon your first visit it is impossible to ignore the cleanliness due to the environmental commitment, consistent sunny skies and hot temperatures (it’s guaranteed) combined with a laidback charm and billions of Federal infrastructure dollars spent including a new highway and airport expansion. The area becomes a vacation destination “no brainer” whether you are purchasing for investment, retirement or as a vacation property.

The multimillion dollar Huatulco International airport expansion is set to be complete November 2015.  Flight access is currently good and continues to get better every season.  There are currently 14 direct flights a week from Canada, 11 direct flights a week from the US and 4 to 6 flights a day from Mexico City.

After a recent tourism expo in Acapulco some new flight agreements have been confirmed.  These flights are a “game changer’’ regarding access to Huatulco and the increase to property values along the Oaxaca coast.  For the Huatulco lover some of these flight announcements will make you stand up and dance. If your city is not named do not worry, with these players in the game it won’t be long for better access from your location.

After many rumors and speculation our source with the Huatulco Hotel Association has confirmed WestJet will be flying to Huatulco starting the end of 2015.   The initial plan is to have two flights per week from Calgary and two flights a week from Toronto direct to Huatulco.  Exact details still need to be confirmed on what days of the week, but the flights will be a combination of flight only and WestJet Vacations with the option for a 10 day holiday in Huatulco.  WestJet flying to Huatulco compliments existing flights from Calgary for a total of 4 flights a week and Toronto for a total of 6 flights per week.  They are hoping these flights will be year round and will monitor reservations throughout the season.

Air Transat has confirmed it will expand its’ market share and start flying out of Regina, Saskatchewan.  We believe this will be in the range of December to March but await an official schedule.  We have not heard anything about Saskatoon being added but can only assume they will not be far behind or at least the potential of a joint flight.  Air Transat already flies out of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.  Congratulations Saskatchewan!

AeroMexico has also made recent news with its’ announcement to fly from Vancouver to Mexico City year round.  AeroMexico also flies to Huatulco from Mexico City and it is our understanding an easy connection will be planned for.  AeroMexico is advertising flights from Vancouver to Mexico City starting December 9th 2015 and for $450 round trip.   AeroMexico also flies from Toronto to Mexico City and Montreal to Mexico City.  Keep up the great work AeroMexico!

From the US, AeroMexico is flying from LA to Mexico City and with an easy connection you can be in Huatulco.  We are told Delta Airlines is looking into a year round flight from LA to Huatulco but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.  Direct flights to Huatulco continue from Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Houston. 

Within Mexico, Volaris has started flying direct to Huatulco from Mexico City and are looking at flights twice per week from Monterrey.  Magna Charter has also started to fly twice a week to Huatulco from Mexico City.  As well, Viva AeroBus has started to fly to Puerto Escondido from Monterrey 4 times per week.  This compliments multiple flights from InterJet each day as well as AeroMexico.

Lastly, our source tells us that a summertime flight across the Atlantic has been confirmed.   The details still need to be worked out but we are expecting flights from London, England direct to Huatulco in May of 2016.  Another flight made possible with the airport expansion and extension of the runway.

We could not be more excited to see multiple airlines increasing their market share with more flights to Huatulco and are especially excited to see WestJet getting involved.  With the raw rugged beauty of Huatulco and combined factors such as consistent hot sunny weather, environmental commitment, laid-back vibe, billions in infrastructure dollars and low oceanfront real estate prices that make Huatulco a favorite for visitors, increased flight access makes it the perfect time to purchase property in the Huatulco region for a better quality of life and sound investment.

Want some further info on getting to Huatulco? Check out Part I of our top flight tips along with our popular Part II edition for everything you need to know on booking your trip down to this Mexican paradise.

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