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How To Get A Return on Your Investment

by Brent May


As a homeowner, it’s good business sense to consider the return on your investment. We have several tips to help you to nurture and increase your Huatulco property investment.

Buy Low. Sell High.

Huatulco Mexico has low oceanfront real estate compared to other areas with similar high quality infrastructure.

Rake in the Rental Revenue

Many Huatulco property owners – who do not occupy their homes on a regular basis – opt to rent out their homes to tourists. This can help you cover maintenance and home owners costs that continue despite your presence or not. Consider the goals you have for your property, and then talk with a property manager to learn more about the rental revenue-boosting services they offer. Property managers help you earn more money in the long term by ensuring that regular inspections, scheduled cleanings/inspections and maintenance issues are taken care of in an efficient and timely manner. You’ll have less damage and repairs in the short and long term. Your property will remain in great shape year after year, which means an increased return on your investment.

Renovate Your Huatulco Property

Keeping your Huatulco property maintained not only keeps its value, but helps with appreciation. You can do this with a few simple renovation and maintenance projects. They’re low-maintenance, energy efficient and convenient. Below are some renovation tips for your Huatulco property:

  1. Replace the Front Door

Your front door is the public welcome to your home. Brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint, and watch your curb appeal increase. If you can’t make a new door purchase now, try painting it and greasing the hinges.

  1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Take on those drab, chipped, dusty walls with fresh paint. It is an inexpensive way to give your interior and exterior a new and “welcome home” look.

  1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

A minor kitchen remodel is always a good idea. It’s the heart of the home, and with the amount of use it gets each day, it’s an obvious choice for renovation. Replace the cabinets, lay down a new floor, refurbish counter tops, and install updated, energy-efficient appliances. You’ll get long-lasting satisfaction, and your guests and future buyers will appreciate your investment.

  1. Improve Outdoor Spaces

People are attracted to Huatulco for many things, including the warm weather and alfresco living. Maximize on this by renovating your outdoor spaces. Think patios, decks, pools and gardens. Expand the patio, repaint walls, add embellishment and plant foliage. Take it a step further by adding a fountain, pool or hot tub.

  1. Turn a Boring Room into a Romantic Hideaway

Huatulco Mexico is incredibly romantic. Bring that indoors by creating a retreat meant for two. First, repair any damaged walls, flooring, windows and closets. Update as needed. Then make cosmetic changes with paint, enhanced lighting and storage improvements. If there is an attached bathroom, replace outdated sinks/showers, faucets and tiling. Then accentuate with mood-enhancing decor. Future buyers will appreciate this romantic hideaway in the tropical paradise of Huatulco Mexico.

For more information on getting a return on your investment from your Huatulco property, connect with us today. And if you have already invested in Huatulco real estate, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share your success stories and helpful tips below.

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