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How To Furnish Your Mexico Dream Property

by Brent May

You did it – you purchased your Mexico dream property. Congratulations! We know that you’ll have a lot of fun discovering the nuances of your new casa (house). While you’re settling in, it’s common to wonder about home furnishing, wondering what you’ll need and where to get the items that turn your house into a home.

Huatulco Mexico has a variety of shopping options to personalize all of your living spaces. Quaint shops, open-air markets, big box convenient stores and even sidewalk and beachside vendors offer unique pieces that will inspire conversation and create a homey feeling.

Below are some of our favourite must-have items for furnishing your Mexico dream property:huatulco-mexico-day-dead-figurines

  1. Barro negro pottery is our top must-have. It is very distinctive, made from dark clay that is local to the Oaxacan r This special pottery comes in a variety of designs, from bowls and vases to pitchers and ornaments.
  1. Day of the Dead (or El Dia de Los Muertos) figurines are symbolic of one of Mexico’s most popular holidays. It is an occasion when Mexicans honor their dearly departed with alters comprising of food, liquor, photos and trinkets. Locally made figurines and shadow boxes, sold be local artisans, are a big part of the experience, allowing you to bring this festive tradition into your home.
  1. Painted masks are a great choice for whimsical décor elements. They have long been a staple of traditional Mexican dances, and are considered to be highly valuable by museums and art galleries across the country. With local purchases, you too can create your own mask collection. Choose masks made from wood and coconut shells, featuring animals, people, devils, demons and hermits.
  1. If you like textiles, rugs and clothing, consider decorating your home with handwoven and stitched cotton goods. You can pick up locally made items made right here in the Huatulco area by Telares Oaxaquenos. It is a small textile factory that creates cotton blouses and guayaberas (men’s shirts). These items can be framed and used to add interest to a master or guest bedroom. Other locally made textiles, such as handwoven blankets, will keep you and your guests sleeping in warmth and traditional luxury.
  1. alebrijes-huatulco-mexicoAlebrijes, painted pieces of folk art, have been a long-standing artisan tradition in the state of Oaxaca. Today they are collectors items, and are cherished pieces in homes and offices around the world. You can pick these up at most shops around Huatulco Mexico. Also, check out the whimsical wooden animal sculptures that are made from the copal tree. These are not only eye-catching, but they are supposed to bring good luck!

Shopping Beyond Huatulco Mexico

Huatulco Mexico is a great place to shop, but if you’re looking to see what else can be purchases, check out the neighboring town of La Crucecita. La Crucecita is a bustling shopping area with all sorts of treasures for the home. Ceramics for tables, dressers and shelves. Sarongs and tapestries are great for tables, walls and window treatments. Woven baskets are ideal for plants, magazines and an array of odds and ends. Woodworking brings character to nooks and crannies. Silver, naturally, adds sparkle and refinement to tables and shelving. The list goes on and on!

Museo de Artesanias Oaxaquenas, La Crucecita, Huatulco Mexico

Museo de Artesanias Oaxaquenas, La Crucecita, Huatulco Mexico

One of our most favourite stores in La Crucecita is Museo de Artesanias Oaxaquenas. It features a large number of crafts made here in Oaxaca, including rugs, embroidered textiles, leather goods and fanciful masks. Artisans even display their talents right there in the shop! You’ll learn where the dye comes from, how the yarn was made and how the rugs are woven. Each product is displayed with a biography of the artisan and a description of how it was made.

And when we need to take a break, we stop in at one of the local restaurants or tequila shops. While there, visit the parish church, La Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. It makes a great landscape, overlooking a spacious grassy knoll. Take a picture, print it out and frame it for your new Huatulco Mexico home.

If you want a quieter shopping experience, head over to the Pochutla Market. (It’s a 10-minute taxi ride from La Crucecita.) Pochutla Market will share many conversational style pieces that are crafted in Huatulco as well as in the state of Oaxaca.

Full Turnkey Service

Want everything taken care of? We recommend a local designer who offers full turnkey furnishing services. Many buyers do not have time to furnish their rental or investment property on their own and would much rather walk in the front door to a beautifully furnished home. Turnkey packages are available and include everything needed from furniture, linen, cutlery, electrical goods, and window treatments to patio furniture. Because everyone has different tastes and styles our local designers will send samples and photos and work with you to ensure your home is as beautiful as you have dreamed. With the internet and email to do this is a very easy procedure.

Do you have a favorite shopping location in Huatulco? Have you found some cherished items to furnish your Mexico dream property? If so, feel free to share below.

And if you’d like help with traveling, retiring and moving to Mexico, contact us today.

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