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How Safe is Mexico? A Question to Be Asked!

by Alice Genes

how safe is mexico

How Safe is Mexico?

The demand and question ‘how safe is Mexico’ has increased as of late. Like many other nations, Mexico has several trafficking routes and paths that are not immune to crime. The liveliest places can be the most dangerous ones. Though the country has taken numerous measures, to make certain on its parameters of security, the ultimate outcome will depend on the tourists.


Acapulco is one of the world’s finest tourist spots. People from around the world owe and dream of setting foot in the marvelous regions of Acapulco. However when asked ‘How Safe is Mexico‘, this city doesn’t rank very high.  It is home to active crimes. According to several leading magazines and papers of Mexico, Acapulco is known to be the second dangerous city in the world. It appears right after San Pedro de Sula of Honduras. The violent city has suffered hundreds of murders and theft. Recent statistics states that Acapulco had 143 murders for every hundred thousand in the year of 2012.

Think of scuba diving, forget the crime  how safe is mexico

Playa Del Carmen is reputed as a sensational place for scuba diving. The place does have a visible echelon of drug trafficking. The Cancun port has evolved to be the prime reason behind the foremost act. People smuggle drugs in small amounts. The Playa Del Carmen has so many other possibilities and tourist opportunities, which makes the state of Quintana Roo a lot more worthy. Cancun is less dangerous and fascinating grooved to attract tourists.

The calm city of Mazatlan

Mazatlan is another active site, filled with consistent patterns of violence and safety. The city is home of mind blowing resorts and hotels. According to leading reporters, Mazatlan has had a better 2012. In the year of 2011, there were 214 homicides, whilst the year 2012 had only 47 such cases. The current measures of security, has controlled these acts by great levels. Mazatlan is turning out to be a calm city with potential growth.

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how safe is mexicoThe Oaxaca Coast – Safe and Secure

Finally, Oaxaca coast from Huatulco to Puerto Escondido is safe and secluded. The city is ideal for tourists and families. The place has a large number of watchful forces. These individuals exercise over a high echelon of situational awareness. This area has a very low crime rate. Foreign tourists can enjoy the Oaxaca coast without any hassle or feelings of safety.[hr]

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