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Scuba Dive in Mexico – Dream of Mexico If You Dream of Scuba Diving

by Alice Genes

Scuba diving in Mexico

People with scuba dive dreams will be satisfied to the fullest in Mexico.

The country has everything under the sun. It is home to the second largest natural reef in the world and the Oaxaca regions of Mexico comprises of impeccable beauty.[divider_flat]

The Oaxaca ambience has scuba dive spots with “Five Star” facilities. May it be the dive shops, scuba tours or outstanding National Marine parks; Oaxaca has a hodgepodge of vocational treats.

The Closed Waters of Puerto Escondido

Scuba dive enthusiasts will always find ideal and interesting swim sessions. The diverse corners of Mexican waters are engraved with calmness and serenity. These vicinities have a large number of wonderful beaches and surfing shores. One such location would be “Puerto Escondido”. The small coastal pueblo is one of the world’s finest scuba dive locations. Apart from this, Puerto Escondido is also renowned for its unexplored reefs and pristine nearly untouched beaches. Anyone who wants to scuba dive in a crowd free surrounding must opt for these Mexican waters. The entire Oaxaca region including Puerto Escondido is affordable and an amazing tropical destination for holidays and scuba diving.

Scored with Dazzling Dive Activities

Every scuba dive enthusiast will desire for a splendid sight. The silent waters are ought to devour these individuals with an amazing experience, filled with coral reefs, coral species and reef fishes. Scuba dive will also move the divers to fresh water sink holes. These cenotes are rare and a perfect spot for eco adventures. The scuba diving waters of Oaxaca region boosts of beautiful beaches and diving shops. Mexico has never disappointed tourists. The coastal regions are always boarded with caverns and reefs. Scuba dive in the country is scored with mind blowing spots of attraction and dazzling water activities.

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The Technical Stats of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the coastal waters of Mexico maps to a range of 100 feet. Divers will be amused with the open ocean dives available. The summer season allows divers to enjoy a distance of 75 feet whilst the winter enthusiasts can go up to 40 feet. Nevertheless, “all year round” the divers can enjoy the cenotes and caverns of Mexico at a depth of 400 feet. The marine waters are controlled and checked by local PADI dive centers.

Scuba diving is for Everyone

Scuba diving is a sport that could be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Mexico’s Oaxaca regions have made the platform of scuba diving a lot broader. The mild currents, colorful marine borders and shallow coral reefs of Mexico are unimpeachable. It is the best place to learn the art of diving and ultimately scuba dive! The intermediate scuba divers can admire the splendid local reefs whilst improving their diving skills, whereas the senior divers can opt for wreck dives. The dive areas are safe guarded and supported by trained technical divers. They will guide novice tourists and expertise divers to intrinsic cave areas and cenotes.

If you want to Scuba dive for your next holiday plan, opt for Mexico, a land with clean coastal waters.[hr]

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