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7 Sizzlin’ “How To Learn Spanish” Tips

by Brent May

Do you dream of hanging out with the locals, letting one of the world’s most eloquent (and popular) romance languages roll off your tongue? If so, now’s the time to hit the books and let those “r’s” roll! It’s time to learn Spanish. Picking up a new language is both exciting and challenging. One would say it’s a mind bender, taking time and patience. But once you become fluent, a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you. Maximize your study in minimum time with our 7 Sizzlin’ “How to Learn Spanish” Tips:

  1. Hit the Books – Books, newspapers and magazines – they’re all readily available online and in bookstores all over the world. Pick up a few to start your Spanish speaking adventure.

Bonus: Purchase a Spanish-English dictionary. Keep it handy at all times. As you think of words you’d like to learn, look them up. Jot them down in a notebook and repeat them as often as possible. Repetition is, after all, the key to learning.

  1. Go Hardcore with Learning Spanish Software Programs – There are countless language software programs on the market. Pick one that will allow you to learn while you’re running errands, driving into work or lounging around on a weekend.

Bonus: Visit your mobile app store for how to learn Spanish apps. These handy programs can enrich your Spanish vocabulary with “Word of the Day” messages, flashcards or quizzes.   

  1. Turn to the Silver Screen – Have a free afternoon? Why not head for the movie theater to catch the latest Spanish movie? Or if you’d rather kick back at home, order up a movie and set the language to Spanish. As you listen, pay close attention to the pronunciation. Mimic what you hear over and over and over again until it sounds natural.

Bonus: Use the subtitles to learn how to correctly spell the Spanish words.

  1. Check out the Tube – Entertain your brain by watching TV! That’s right, Spanish teachers and tutors recommend Mexican soap operas (telenovellas) and news reports. The actors and newscasters speak slowly and leave out the confusing slang and colloquialisms.

Bonus: Pay special attention to facial expressions and gestures. These will give you some context to the storylines and news reports.

  1. learn_spanish_3Think ‘Community’ – Most communities have Spanish speaking groups. Look them up online and find out how you can get involved. Perhaps they need some help with their website, fundraising or social events. You can help others while practicing your conversational Spanish.

Bonus: Ask others to correct your Spanish speaking mistakes. (And don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s all a part of the learning process. Plus, others will be happy to help you on your ‘how to learn Spanish’ quest.)

  1. Buddy Up – One of the best ways to learn Spanish is with a buddy. Work together to create a lesson plan.

Bonus: From time to time, add a little healthy dose of competition to keep you motivated. The winner can be treated to dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant!

  1. learn spanish in mexicoGo for the Whole Enchilada – The best way to master the Spanish language is to travel to a Spanish speaking country. Take an extended holiday, or better yet, live there for some time.

If you’re a little nervous about complete immersion, consider one of the many Mexican cities and villages with a substantial English-speaking community. These include Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel and our favorite, Huatulco Mexico. The people here warmly welcome new expats, helping to ease them into a new life in sunny Mexico.   Bonus: ‘Dip your toe’ in the local culture by talking with the locals, joining a club or getting involved with nonprofit organizations. You’ll have fun while learning…and isn’t that what learning a new language is all about? Buena suete (good luck) on your how to speak Spanish adventure. And if you’d like to know more about Huatulco Mexico, contact us today. We specialize in making dreams come true and are happy to help you reach your goal of speaking Spanish like a local!   If you have other sizzlin’ tips to share, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and help others with tried-and-true tips to mastering Spanish.

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