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How to make your investment property guest friendly

by Brent May

investment property guest friendly

You’ve decided to buy an investment property in Mexico or rent  your vacation home periodically throughout the year? Congratulations on taking the step on investing and moving to Mexico! In this article, we’ll explore some ways you can make your investment property guest friendly.


  1. Guest arrival experience

Starting with the arrival of your guests and the entrance to your property, consider how your guest experiences their arrival. Is it easy to find? Did you provide specific directions and instructions for accessing your home? What is your guest’s first impression? Is it neat and tidy? Are their flowers or plants? Is the entrance well-lit for night arrivals? Does the entrance feel welcoming? Did you provide instructions for easy parking? Imagine you are the guest and arrive in a foreign country. What would you be concerned about? What would make your arrival easier and less stressful? Consider all of these things as you communicate with your guest before they arrive.


  1. Renters privilege eco-friendly homes

Making your home eco-friendly is the right thing to do from the get-go obviously. Know that renters privilege rentals that help minimize their carbon footprint. What can you do to help them minimize it? Use eco-friendly, low-consumption appliances, use LEDSs, privilege ceiling and floor fan use over AC, use solar energy, make it easy to recycle and to conserve water,  let guests know about collective transportation options, make natural cleaning products available, etc. It’s easy these days to be eco-friendly. Read our article here about How To Make your Vacation Rental Property Eco-Friendly.

investment property guest friendly


  1. Aesthetics are everything

Now consider how your guest visually and sensorially experiences your home. Aim to create a comfortable, relaxed ambiance with neutral colors, soft lighting in living areas and more practical lighting in work areas. Make the kitchen easy to use and appealing. Create a spa ambiance in the bathroom with nice products and plush towels. Choose décor that is minimalist and local. Showcase local artisan crafts to make your investment property guest friendly.

investment property guest friendly


  1. Open space

Spaciousness in a rental creates a feeling of well-being. After all, people are on vacation. They feel they can breathe. No clutter is a refreshing feel to be able to concentrate on what is essential during vacation time. Also, many people do online yoga or fitness classes. When it’s easy to lay down a mat and work out, people appreciate it.

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investment property guest friendly


  1. Who are you targeting?

Remote workers? Pet owners? Retirees with grandchildren? Know your market and get to know their needs. If you’re hoping to renter longer term to remote workers, you need to make sure your internet connection is the best available in your market. If that means having Telmex fiber optic and having Starlink as a secondary or back up, then that’s what you need to have to attract people who are constantly at work.

Consider that as people travel for extended periods in the post-Covid world, they often want to travel with their pet. Consider making your rental pet friendly.

Do you want to rent to families in your investment property guest friendly? Consider the bed composition of your rental. Consider cooking utensils for a bigger group. There is nothing more frustrating than cooking for a big group but not having a big enough pan to cook enough pasta in. Consider activities like board games or beach games for all ages.


  1. Communicate authentically

Provide accurate information for your guests. Be upfront about conditions, comfort, parking, noise levels, the neighborhood, etc. The more accurate you are in your description, the more your guests will appreciate it. Provide a guidebook and be responsive when they ask questions.


  1. Show you care

Showing you genuinely care not just about your rental space but also about your guest’s experience is key. Show you care by performing maintenance regularly or hiring a property management company to do it for you to always be sure everything is in working order. Take guest reports seriously. If they say something is not working, be responsive.

If you want to rent your investment property or your vacation home, consider these points. Really take into account how your guest will experience your space. Think about what would make your experience as a guest better. Anything you provide in your rental is an investment to get more and higher quality rentals. Talk with friends who rent. You’ll get practical tips that will help you with the day to day. Stay tuned for our next article in this series, How to Market Your Vacation Rental.

If you’re looking for an investment property in Mexico, let us help. We have properties in Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Mazatlan and Yucatan. Get in touch!

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