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Exploring the Architectural Projects of Puerto Escondido: A Design Lover’s Guide

by Brent May

In our newest Mexico Living Blog Series, “Puerto Escondido: A Rising Design Destination,” we are covering the architectural design movement in and around Puerto Escondido. We will showcase unique and stunning architectural designs, explain eco-friendly design practices and Puerto’s commitment to sustainable living, discuss the architect’s role, and provide insights into investment opportunities in Puerto Escondido as a rising design destination.

Welcome to Puerto Escondido. This rising design destination is not only known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and laid-back vibe, but also for its unique art and architecture scenes. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through some of the key structures that have become iconic within Puerto Escondido’s real estate and tourism landscape. Let’s go!

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Comunidad Ecologica Punta de Zicatela

Although it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly when the design era began in Puerto, we would be amiss to not begin this article without mentioning the importance of the Comunidad Ecologica Punta de Zicatela. Diego Villasenor was the main architect who designed this grouping of simple and elegant homes in the late ‘80s characterized by bringing the palapa roof into contemporary architecture. Created by Rodolfo Ogarrio, the Comunidad Ecologica had a visionary and sustainable goal of a low-density residential model which is still very much alive today.


Punta Pajaros

Casa Wabi opened in 2014 in the middle of a palm oasis wilderness. The Mexican contemporary artist, Bosco Sodi, commissioned the Japanese architect Tadao Ando to design the artist retreat.  Sodi’s vision was to create a laboratory for architects and artists in nature and interacting with the local community.  Casa Wabi blends modern design with the natural surroundings. Tadao Ando used a minimalist concrete structure to capture light and perspective with clean lines and open spaces where visitors can experience the various art installations and exhibits.

Acquiring more land, Sodi created Punta Pájaros, an ecological development that has restored the natural forest and endemic plants and created a space where artists and architects are invited to work freely. Sodi expressed that “Architecture can revolutionize an area and create a regenerative movement that adds to the environment and melds with what exists… With this type of impact, we can change the future of Mexican development forever.” (Condé Nast Traveler, https://www.cntraveler.com/story/the-high-design-movement-transforming-oaxaca-coast

As Sodi built Casa Wabi, he commissioned the 16-room Hotel Escondido from the Mexican hoteliers design group, Grupo Habita. Other residences have emerged in the immediate area, all different in design but all use local materials and open-concept layouts.

Close by, Casitas by the Sea, eight independent villas designed by Alberto Kolach, welcome guests. Kolach also led reforestation efforts

Hotel Escondido

Designed by Federico Rivera Río, Hotel Escondido is a boutique hotel of private bungalows with private pools along the Pacific shore. The design of this exclusive hotel uses local materials like wood, palm and stone to reflect the natural environment.

Casona Sforza

This exclusive hotel is another work of Grupo Habita whose architects, Alberto Kalach, Nicolas Schuybroek and Moisés Micha, drew their inspiration from the local natural scenery. Its original design with large stone arches and vaults are earthquake resistant and favor air flow.  It offers 11 loft-style suites.

Hotel Terrestre

Another collection of villas designed by Alberto Kalach from Taller de Arquitectura X, these 14 solar-powered villas are built with hand-packed mud bricks and Maqui wood. With minimal impact on local resources, Hotel Terrestre is made up of the villas and other structures embedded in the landscape resembling prehistoric structures.

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Casa TO Hotel

In La Punta de Zicatela, Casa TO was designed by architect Ludwig Godefroy. This 9-suite boutique hotel was designed with the objectives of simplicity and conceptual elegance that create a space for contemplation. Inspired by the ancient pyramids of Mexico, the structure plays between functional and surreal with the pool and solarium as the focal point.

Casa Cova

Casa Cova is a vacation home designed for 2 families with separate living quarters and common recreational spaces. Designed by Barbara Trujillo of anonimous, the home is built of concrete to withstand the sun and salinity and is lifted off the ground to avoid floods by the seasonal mar de fondo.

La Escondida Apartments

La Escondida Apartments designed by Francisco Pardo, were designed to embed in the landscape following the topography on a clifftop next to the lighthouse in Puerto Escondido. This creates more privacy and more views making the spaces feel more like individual homes. The 3-bedroom units have living rooms, a patio and small pool. The complex has common areas on the uppermost rooftops. The breezes off the ocean, the cantilevered roofs and cross ventilation from the terraces make air conditioning here unnecessary.

Volta House

Casa Volta, designed by Ambrosi Etchegaray firm, is a collection of three vaulted terra-cotta brick villas symmetrically separated by a long pool of water surrounded by the dense tropical vegetation.

Naila House

Casa Naila is an eco-retreat designed by BAAQ architecture studio. It is made up of 4 wood and concrete structures using lots of palm tree wood for ventilation, natural light and views of the surrounding scenery. Designed with simple lines, this low-maintenance project has a central courtyard and pool.

Casa Tiny

Casa Tiny is a minimalist retreat with a huge visual impact. Designed by Aranza de Ariño, this one-room concrete and parotta wood structure near Casa Wabi is bookable for stays.

These are just a few of the amazing architectural design projects in Puerto Escondido. You can continue checking out these design projects by having a look at Casa Cosmos, Casa Malandra, Casa Zicatela and Altanera House to name a few.

Puerto Escondido, with its blend of natural beauty and stunning architectural designs, has become a haven for design lovers seeking unique experiences. From the tranquil Casa Wabi to the luxurious Hotel Escondido, each architectural project in this rising design destination offers a distinct aesthetic and a connection to the surrounding environment.

Look for our upcoming article in this series where we showcase unique architectural design projects that Bayside Real Estate has been associated with. We proudly look forward to showing you these remarkable residences.

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