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How to Save Money: Developers vs. Real Estate Agents in Mexico

by Brent May

Considering a real estate development purchase? Congrats! It’s an opportune time and an exciting ride filled with new options to discover and challenging variables through which to sift. 

As owners ourselves, we cheer you on during this process! As agents, we know what it’ll take to make your dream a reality. That is why we’ve chosen to discuss a hot topic for new real estate adventurers: to go with a developer for an upcoming purchase or to use real estate agents in Mexico.


The “Agent Hop”

One temptation for new owners is the “agent hop”. This is a term that describes the practice of skipping over the agent and heading straight for the developer. And hey, we get it – a client’s job is not only to get what they want, but to save money doing it. But all too often, they think this strategy will save them money. And maybe it will. But as long-time agents, we know that (having market experts in your corner) is  always the best way to save money in the long run.

Our job is to share EVERYTHING regarding purchase options and the sale itself so that clients can engage in the power of choice when it comes to purchasing property in Mexico. 


Outstanding Customer Service

Developers have one mission: to get the properties in place in order to make as much money as quickly as possible before moving on to the next project. They aren’t always willing to pause their forward motion to answer a long list of buyer questions. 

Real estate agents, on the other hand, are tasked to offer the level of customer service you need to start this complicated-but-rewarding journey. Agents listen. They note what you want, and especially what you don’t want. Agents respect your budget needs, and present only those investment opportunities that speak to your preferences. They also work behind the scenes to minimize your headaches and maximize ownership fun!


Know the Market

Real estate agents have to know what is available on the market at any given time. They stay abreast of up-and-coming projects as well as newly-renovated areas. They can tell you what property values have increased or decreased, what is going in around the corner and what communities offer the kind of services you need for easy living.

Agents can also open up their collection of real estate options, showing you everything that is available in your desired shape, size, location and price range. You will want to tap into that when shopping around for the best deal.

Insider Track

Developers tend to be in tune with their projects only. They may not have their fingers on the pulse of other opportunities. And if they do, their information is general. This is where real agents in Mexico can step in. Being more objective, they can offer the kind of detail you need to make the best decision for your circumstances. They can tell you whether the development is up to code, if it’s on schedule and what other clients are saying about their experiences.

Full Disclosure

Let’s face it, agents make money no matter what property you choose to buy. That is why they are happy to offer full disclosure. Developers, on the other hand, may not be so willing to share undesirable facts about their property. You’ll want to work with someone who knows the wonderful things – and damaging aspects – of a purchase in any given development.

Full Buyer Representation

Once you’ve made your purchase decision, paperwork soon follows. And there’s an awful lot of it with legalities, banking transactions and taxes with which to contend. You need someone who is well-versed in these finer details to dot all of the “i’s” and cross all of the “t’s”. Real estate agents in Mexico are far better at this process than developers. They are dedicated to helping you work out the financials and file the necessary paperwork to get you into your new home as efficiently – and as accurately – as possible.

To learn how to save money with your upcoming real estate purchase, contact us today. We specialize in Huatulco Mexico properties, and would be happy to show you how you can get more bang for your buck in this unique coastal destination. 

To read more about “how-tos” for ownership in Mexico, check out our helpful blog. You’ll find everything from altruistic endeavors in Mexico to earning a revenue in this full-of-opportunity nation.

Check out our client and owner testimonials and see what others had to say about how we handled their purchase.


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