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How To Transition from Temporary to Permanent Residency in Mexico

by Brent May

If you’re already living in Mexico with a temporary resident permit, congratulations. You’re on your way to becoming a permanent resident. After holding the temporary resident permit for 4 years, you are eligible to transition to permanent residency. The good news? This is done in Mexico!

Making the transition to permanent residency in Mexico is a straightforward process and once it’s done, you can relax.

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Permanent residency

This article will cover how to transition from temporary to permanent residency. The permanent resident permit has several advantages and can be obtained two different ways; either by applying outright or by holding the temporary permit for 4 years and then transitioning.  Once you have it, you can stay in Mexico as long as you like and you do not have to renew it. You can also enter and leave Mexico as you wish. It also makes it easy to open a bank account, register a car bought in Mexico in your name and get a Mexican driver’s license.

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Apply before your temporary resident permit expires

First of all, a permanent resident permit or Tarjeta de Residente Permanente can be obtained as a transition after holding a Temporary Resident Permit for 4 years. You may apply for Permanent Residency in Mexico before your Temporary Permit expires to change your status. It is important to apply before your permit expires. If you want to know exactly when to apply, head down to your local INM office. They will give you a timeframe.


The application process

Go the INM website: https://www.inm.gob.mx/mpublic/publico/inm-tramites.html

Click on Tràmites Migratorios. Then scroll down to “Cambio de condición de residente temporal a residente permanente.”

You will need to gather the following documents. You will find the list here.


Go to your local INM office

When you have gotten your documents together, get to your nearest INM office. Many INM offices now require appointments made ahead of time. You will make these appointments online. Some smaller towns still allow same-day appointments by arriving early. If your documents are accepted, you will make payment, and your photo and fingerprints will be taken. You will receive login information in your email to access your file. This is how you will know when your Permanent Resident card has arrived. Keep checking your account. You may not be sent an email notification to let you know your card has arrived at your INM office. 

That’s it!

It’s as simple as that. As you can see, it’s a simple process once you’ve gone through the 4 years of temporary residency. Making the transition is just a matter of gathering your documents and having a little patience like with any administrative process.

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