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How We Started & Succeeded in Owning Mexico

by Erin May

OM-Book-Cover-Roadmap-Content-ImageHow We Started – 0.0 to Success Road Map 


1.0 – General Location

1.1 – We were long time lovers of Mexico for 3 reasons:

1.2 –  The Beaches are abundant and World Class.

1.3 – It is a short and easy flight from Canada and the USA.

1.4 – There are still spots that are authentic Mexico. (fewer tourists and therefore inexpensive)

1.5 – We started traveling the coasts of Mexico right out of high school and continued for 20 years.


2.0 – Narrowing Down the Location 

2.1 –  Discovering and spending time in Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ka) state, the Huatulco (Wa-Tool-Co) region was the best surprise yet.

2.2 –  It has the most consistent weather in Mexico with average temperatures of 86° F – It’s guaranteed!

2.3 Beautiful and peaceful beaches alongside crystal blue waters.

2.4 – No rain in the winter season.

2.5 – It’s laid back authentic Mexico charm was obvious and very attractive.

2.6 – The obvious cleanliness made us ask more questions and we discovered it’s award winning commitment to the environment

2.7 – Known as one of the safest states in Mexico.


3.0 – Pin Pointing the Location

3.1 – The Center of the Oaxaca Coast or ‘Costa Chica’ (Little Coast) had everything we loved about Mexico and more…

3.2 – With one trip here we knew this was it; quiet and peaceful, giving us that small town feeling we were looking for.

3.3 – The cost of living is 50% less than in Canada.

3.4 – Three unique developments stood out in our minds in this perfect location.


4.0 – Picking the Development

4.1 – We researched and participated in live presentations, video meetings, emails and phone calls with a trusted real estate agent.

4.2 – At this point we were so excited we booked a ‘stay & play’ down in paradise to gather more information about these developments and further explore the surrounding area.

4.3 –  All 3 developments are on 100% privatized land. As explained to us privatized land is the only way for a foreigner to own undisputed real estate title on the Mexican coast (Fideicomiso)

4.4 –  Each development was appealing with close proximity to beaches, extraordinary views along the rugged coastline, great value, huge investment potential due to our timing and the opportunity to earn revenue with our investment.

4.5 – During the ‘stay & play’ we were able to work through our own self-realization process in order to determine what we really needed as opposed to what we thought we wanted.  In the end the panoramic views at Viewpoint are outstanding with only a 5 minute walk into the peaceful village, beach and markets.  We found our paradise.


5.0 – Picking the Floor Plan

5.1 – During the ‘stay & play’ we were able to experience what it felt like to live and own there before taking the plunge and we were able to stay in a suite with a similar floor plan to what we were interested in.

5.2 – We worked with the Canadian sales team and toured some of the 11 different floor plans in the quaint 34-unit building

5.3 – We lounged by the pool watching whales, enjoying cervezas while we BB-Q’d and decided between our favorite 2 suites

5.4 – One more trip off the development for a snorkel tour and a lovely authentic Italian meal on the beach in Zipolite reassured us we were in the right spot.

5.5 – The next day we felt prepared to make our decision on a top floor penthouse.


6.0 Making the Offer

6.1 – At this point we sat down with our agent and asked all the questions we had not yet covered.

6.2 – He thoroughly explained how the buying and title process worked from here. Although the process was a little different than in Canada, having titled ownership worked much the same as back home. 

6.3 – Many Canadians were already successful achieving title and now we were going for it but not before feeling completely comfortable with our decision.

6.4 – We made an offer on our dream condo in our dream location with a few little upgrades we felt we could not live without.

6.5 – We were so thrilled that our offer was accepted and we were going to complete the deal making our dreams come true.  Soon, we too would be Owning a little piece of Mexico!


7.0 – The contract

7.1 –  The next day of our ‘stay & play’ we met with our agent again, but this time with the developer. They wrote up a purchase contract for us with our extra items.

7.2 – The contract was printed in Spanish and English and was easy to read.

7.3 – We reviewed the contract, including the required down payment and payment schedule.

7.4 – We truly were delighted how simple it was to this point. The payments were all in Canadian funds to our Canadian developer.

7.5 – We signed the deal – It was now time to celebrate!

7.6 – Around the pool we met and celebrated with other owners, it was a wonderful evening and a sunset I will never forget.


8.0 Possession and the Closing Process

8.1 – After returning back to Canada proud of our new investment, we forwarded our deposit for our new ocean front condo.

8.2 – Construction started on some of the finishing touches and extras in our unit.

8.3 – The developer referred us to a Mexican lawyer, living and working in Canada, who helped us through the title process.

8.4 – Our unit was finished, we were sent pictures of the completion of our unit and we gained possession and closed on our new Mexico condo.

8.5 – From here we were awarded full title (Fideicomiso) shortly after from a notary in Oaxaca, Mexico

9.0 – Success

9.1 – Wow, what a great ride. We are now proud owners of a luxury ocean front condo in Mexico

9.2 – The process was straightforward and easy dealing with fellow Canadians

9.3 If we can do it, we know you can too.


10.0 – Living In Mexico

10.1 –  After many discussions we made the decision to take things further and move to Mexico.

10.2 – We believe in the area, quality of life, and investment potential so much we decided to get involved.

10.3 – Now, we own, we invested, and we became involved in the sales, marketing and rental program here on the Oaxaca coast in Mexico.

10.4 – We invite you to come down and see us to find out why after travelling both coasts of Mexico, a couple from Saskatchewan, Canada chose the Huatulco region (Oaxaca coast) for their own piece of paradise.


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