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Grocery Shop Like a Local

by Brent May

Grocery shopping in Huatulco can be a little confusing at first. There are big box stores to shop in, but in order to get the best groceries for yourself, it is important to know the little whole in the wall places for things like the best produce, bread, meat and fish. Although you can get some form of groceries in pretty much every neighborhood in the region, in and around La Crucecita is the place to be for the best finds.

The Grocery Shop Like a Local tour was designed to help you become more comfortable finding what you need to cook and eat fresh in Huatulco. It will also give you practice using the Mexican peso.

TIP 1: Bring pesos or get them out of the ATM, do not spend USD as your money will go much further using the local currency.

TIP 2: Download the app XE Convertor to your smart phone to help you with exchange rates while out and about. Get the App.

The tour is typically paired with and after the City Tour. This way, if you do want to pick up some groceries to bring back to your accommodation, you have the opportunity to do so without the ice cream melting, well not too much. You will have the opportunity to see what food and groceries look like and how they are displayed in a big box style grocery store. Also visit several ‘whole in the wall’ style speciality stores, see what food looks like and how it is displayed and compare prices to back home. We find the cost of living to be much less in Mexico than back home if you buy local.

Enjoy the sights and smells of this tour!

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