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Loving Huatulco Life

by Andrea Titzer

Festive Municipal Building Huatulco

It’s nearly impossible to choose one attribute that I love about Huatulco. There’s the amazing food, gorgeous bays, unfailing weather, friendly people, and the authenticity. I could go on and on but unfortunately I have to choose one. Well actually I will chose two because the people and authenticity of Huatulco go hand in hand. This extremely diverse town is made up of so many interesting and authentic individuals, which makes this place so captivating.

The main reason I wanted to get involved with The Eye team was by being intrigued with one of Jane Bauer’s articles. I was reading The Eye for the first time. The issue was Sept 2013, ON THE ROAD. It was the “Editors Letter,” about her bike trip to Playa Zipolite. This amazed me. I knew I had to meet this fascinating person and No, I’m not being a suck-up! Then I met the rest of this talented and interesting team of people and was overjoyed to be a part it. I started to distribute the magazine to numerous establishments.

It was a way to meet locals, expats, and visitors and converse with them by using my Spanglish. Meeting new people is an everyday activity. The locals are pleasant, skillful, and accommodating. I enjoy being active in the community. Why else but to continue meeting authentic people in the authentic town of Huatulco.

By  Renee Biernacki

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