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World’s Finest Dives – Mexico

by Brent May


The world’s finest dives

The scuba diving sites in Mexico are packed with sensational features and massive attributes. The world’s finest scuba drivers opt to enjoy the waves of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. The country flanks over the Great Maya Reef chain, this is the largest barrier reef of the world. With proficient dive instructors and standard scuba dive shops, the Mexican coastal waters are filled with life and energy.

Topped by Cozumel


The scuba diving sites of Mexico is topped by Cozumel. This is a deluxe holiday destination. The top diving situate encompasses of numerous reefs and mind blowing caves. Scuba divers can at all times explore through the sensational tunnels and caverns of Cozumel. Cozumel is a small town with getaway environments. The place is always packed with dozens of dive operators. Thus beginners can always opt to learn the sport of scuba diving at Cozumel. With a hubbub of dive shops and North American tourists, the Cozumel is one the plush scuba diving sites.

The massive scuba diving venture at Playa del Carmen

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The Playa del Carmen is home to humble fishing villages and secret escapes. Nevertheless, the location is also renowned for its massive scuba diving possibilities. The coral reef of Playa del Carmen stretches as a contender against Cozumel. The scuba diving site has gentle currents and mild temperatures. Divers can entertain themselves with reasonably priced dives and handpicked dive shops. With abundant diving activities and cenote adventures, Playa del Carmen is a plethora of life. The scuba diving site is commercialized and extremely busy. The cosmopolitan air of Mexico is crowded with enthusiastic scuba divers.

The island of women – Isla Mujeresmusa4

Going beyond the foremost scuba diving sites, would be Isla Mujeres. The gleaming sand beaches and blue coastal waters, makes Isla Mujeres, the “Island of Women”. The vibrant sea life of turquoise waters is ideal for twilight diving, wreck diving and boat diving. Along with which, it has a handful of well established dive shops. The tropical region of Isla Mujeres shores for local enthusiasts and demanding tourists.


Pristine diving with Puerto Morelos


The scuba diving sites of Mexico, calls for an idyllic atmosphere called Puerto Morelos. The small fishing village is quite similar to Playa del Carmen. The coral reef shore of Puerto Morelos is less expensive and cheaper than Riviera Maya. The coral reefs and sponges are in pristine condition. Puerto Morelos also encompasses of competent dive shops.

Commercialized Scuba diving at Akumal and Costa Maya


The less drastic scuba diving sites would be Costa Maya and Akumal. Mexico’s Caribbean is colored with sea life and bright scuba diving spots. The Akumal is one such situate for reef diving. The fun oriented site encompassed of protected bays and turtle nesting situates. The fresh waters and top cavern diving spots of Akumal, commercializes the scuba diving site with tourists. Costa Maya lies to the southern coast of Mexico. The diving experience devoured at Costa Maya is terrific. With a wondrous line of corals and stretchy sponges, the site deems with mammoth sea life.

Mexico’s scuba diving sites are tremendously gorgeous and beautiful. The diving situates can be classed in accordance to its coral reefs, sponges and sea life. Thus in Mexico, the art of finding the right place to dive and explore is quite startling and remarkable.

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