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Oaxaca – Top 10 for Tourism

by Brent May

Oaxaca-ImageThe state of Oaxaca has established itself as one of the 10 busiest destinations in the country and on the world tourism map. In Easter 2016 between March 21 –  April 3, the State Government through the Ministry of Tourism showed over 262,435 domestic and foreign tourists in Oaxaca. This is an economic impact of 662 million pesos.

The top three tourist destinations were Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido and Huatulco with 66% of visitors traveling to these beautiful destinations with an average stay of 1.76 days.

Governor Gabino Cue Monteagudo said the large influx received by Oaxaca this season continues to allow the State to position itself as a high tourist destination on both a national and international level through its ancient culture, beautiful natural attractions, beaches, archaeological sites, temples and traditions.  

In a government commitment, Oaxaca will offer its’ country and visitors a range of new products that incorporate the richness of traditions, gastronomy, natural beauty and productive vocations of the people, in order to enhance the experience of living in and visiting Oaxaca.

Monteagudo said the route of Mezcal, the magic route of crafts, routes of the Sierra Juárez, the Oaxacan Coast, the Mixteca, La Chinantla and Faith Juquila, will open new opportunities for economic development of thousands of families in their municipalities and regions.

Monteagudo also added that Oaxaca now has 5 “Pueblos Magico” (“Magical Towns”) appointed to them. In February 2008 Capulalpam was officially designated a “Pueblo Magico”, Oaxaca’s first and Mexico’s 33rd such town. The government also announced plans to construct a traditional healing center here. The new designation and the healing center are expected to boost tourism.

Other localities that have earned this distinction are: Huautla de Jimenez, San Pablo Villa de Mitla, San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula and Mazunte, which certainly captivate all domestic and foreign tourists who choose to know the strength of their traditions, roots and cultural identity.

The Oaxacan president expressed his pleasure that more domestic and foreign tourists choose to travel to Oaxaca as a tourist destination and invites them to enjoy the gastronomic and artisan services, as well as various artistic and cultural attractions. This will help to strengthen the economy of the communities.

huatulco real estateHuatulco provides an occupancy rate of 74% with the arrival of 22,156 tourists during Easter break, generating an impact of 127 million pesos while Puerto Escondido brings in 33,000 visitors with an economic impact of 46 million pesos.

Source: Mexico Daily News

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