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by Erin May

Welcome to our Sales Newsletter Area, where you can catch up on what’s happening around the Oaxaca Coast, Articles on Mexico’s Economy and Infrastructure, Our favorite places and restaurants to check out, and updates on Viewpoint Developments and Oasis Pacifico.



  • April 2016 – Wow has April flown by!  At this time of year we see fisherman and surfers starting to travel to the Oaxaca coast looking forward to a great season for both sports.  We say goodbye to the snow birds heading back to their home countries while we prepare and look forward to a summer with holidays and more exploration and adventure in Mexico. 
  • March 2016 – Happy March to friends and followers! Spring has officially sprung here on the Oaxaca coast. We were pleasantly surprised to have an evening of rain last week. A Huatulco local told us in over 30 years he had not seen a rain in March. And overnight the mountains and hillsides have shown bright buds and now it’s green again. What a glorious contrast to the aquamarine blues and white sandy bays of the Pacific!
  • February 2016 – The month of LOVE is upon us and typically the busiest winter month of travel and vacation when most are trying to break up the cold winters north of Mexico. We have continued excitement as more of these travellers are discovering the ‘hidden gem’ of Huatulco and the Oaxaca Coast.
  • January 2016 – Another calendar year passes by and excitement continues to build along the Oaxaca coastline.  The airport expansion has brought new direct flights from Canada and more great connections from the US.  It has been noticeable around town with WestJet booking 70% flight only and more visitors reserving condos and villas for their vacation, and in-turn spending more money in the community helping the local people and economy.


  • November 2015 – It feels amazing to be back on the coast for another winter season.  The contrast of the Sierra Madre mountains with the clear blue waters of the Pacific and gorgeous sandy bays is at its greatest this time of year. There is new excitement in the sleepy villages of Huatulco (Wa-Tool-Co) with tourism season starting up and familiar and new faces around villages of La Crucecita, Chahue and Santa Cruz.
  • October 2015 – Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian followers.  As temperatures cool Mexico’s high season is heating up and it is time to plan your endless summergetaway in Huatulco and Oaxaca state. 
  • September 2015 – We hope you had a memorable summer and are settled in after returning from holidays, getting the kids back to school and/or getting back to work.  The Farmers Almanac is predicting an extremely harsh, cold winter coming up in 2015/16.  Plan ahead, lock down dreams of an endless summer and get your upcoming stay & play or vacation rental scheduled this season in Huatulco.
  • August 2015 – August is here and in full swing. We hope you have all made some wonderful summer memories with family and friends.
  • July 2015 – Happy Summer to all of our friends and followers! Huatulco in July is full of long warm days, lush green landscape and warm tropical breezes. It’s also a fantastic time to take in some sport fishing, surfing and sightseeing.  
  • June 2015 – June is here, the month of summer solstice, long days and excitement for holiday time with family and friends. Here in Huatulco it is a beautiful time of year where we watch the coastline almost instantly transform from dry season to the lush green coastline we have grown to love.  
  • May 2015 – May on the Oaxaca coast is a truly beautiful sight. Everything comes alive with the transformation from dry season to lush, green mountainsides and tropical foliage. With its’ relaxed beach vibe, long golden beaches and lagoons full of wildlife, it’s hard to go wrong with a trip to this southern paradise.  Surfers and fisherman start to flock to the Oaxaca Coast. Catch a flight down this spring and get a head start on your vacation property research.
  • April 2015 – Spring is officially here. The buds on the trees are peeking out and fresh new blooms are showing promise of what lies ahead. It’s a great time to catch a flight to Huatulco to soak up some sunshine, lounge by the ocean and park yourself into a swaying hammock under a shaded palm with a cold drink.  After a long winter we think you deserve it!
  • March 2015 March is here and spring is around the corner. Almost. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Escape the tail end of the cooler temperatures back home with a trip to the hot Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ka) Coast. Sunshine, sand and surf are waiting for you!
  • February 2015 – February is in full swing down on the Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ka) coast with more fantastic weather, warm tropical breezes and laid-back atmosphere.  Ditch the deep freeze back home and book your Mexico vacation today! 
  • January 2015 – Happy New Year!  High season is here and it is becoming easier to get to Huatulco with more airlines and flight options from Canada, the US and Mexico.  Check out all the great flight options and escape the winter blues with a last minute flight or low cost package. 


  • December 2014 – Beat the cold and jump on a plane this Tuesday. Enjoy our insider flight tips, new ‘How To‘ and webinar dates as well as our Mexico adventure and the Oaxaca state highway update.  We hope you enjoy the December newsletter.
  • November 2014 – With the Farmer’s Almanac predicting the coldest winter in over 400 years the time is now to book your $399 per couple Huatulco Real Estate Stay & Play or Vacation Rental in paradise.
  • October 2014October is the perfect month to book your upcoming $399 per couple Stay & Play in paradise.  Each stay & play is customized to the level of interest of its participants with both real estate options and lifestyle tours.  Even if you are not 100% sure of your schedule make sure to register today in order to receive an example of the flexible itinerary.  See our featured developments and use the search tool to find more new listings than anywhere else on the Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ka) coast.
  • September 2014 – It’s the perfect month to book your upcoming $399 per couple Stay & Play in paradise. Mix a little business with much pleasure and let us show you why this hidden gem is perfect for your vacation, investment or retirement real estate purchase.  Use the search tool to find more new listings than anywhere else on the Oaxaca (Wa-Ha-Ka) coast.
  • August 2014 – Our August newsletter highlights our North America ‘How To Buy Property In Mexico information tour. Register in your city in order to ensure we come and see you. Infrastructure continues to advance and be a hot topic in Huatulco and Oaxaca state and that is why we made it our August Newsletter theme. Find many infrastructure updates displayed in the articles, video and pictures below. Last but not least our Vacation Rental feature for your upcoming stay in paradise. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico August edition!
  • July 2014 – Our July newsletter highlights Moving and Starting a Business in Mexico along with our monthly ‘How To’ and Find Your Beach feature.  Make sure to check in with us before booking this years Vacation Rental for your upcoming stay in paradise. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico July edition!
  • June 2014 – Our June newsletter features our monthly ‘How To’,our Top Mexico Locations for Retirement and Huatulco Golf Course Update. We also feature our monthly Restaurant along with our monthly Vacation Rental Feature. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico June edition.
  • May 2014 – Our May newsletter features our New Rental Inventory and our ‘How To’ series along with the monthly ‘Find Your Beach’ feature and news on the 22nd annual Huatulco Fishing Tournament. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico May edition!
  • April 2014 – Our April newsletter features our ‘How to’ and Find Your Beach series along with information on upcoming ‘How to Buy Property in Mexico’ Workshops in your area and announce the winners of our recent Alberta workshop contests.  We are also excited to announce our new office located in Santa Cruz, Huatulco. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico April edition! 
  • March 2014 – Our March newsletter features Find Your Beachand ‘How To’ series along with the announcement of our upcoming ‘How to Buy Property in Mexico’ Workshops in Calgary and Edmonton.  We also extend an invitation to stop by our booth at the Calgary & Edmonton Second Homes Property Shows this March 8th and 15th and announce our Facebook winner of the ‘Like, Share & Win’ contest.  We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico March edition!
  • February 2014 – Our February newsletter features Find Your Beach and ‘How To’ series along with our Real Estate Feature of the month.  Help us help you Find Your Dream Home and do not miss the House Special at the bottom as Huatulco is on the menu.  Play for a chance at paradise with Facebook and Cruz del Mar where you can win a 1 week accommodation at the luxury oceanfront condo in Santa Cruz Huatulco.
  • January 2014 – Happy New Year! Our January newsletter features ‘The Penthouse’, suites featured on House Hunters International, our newest  ‘How To’ and Find Your Beach series along with new listings ranging from 60,000 USD to over $3 Million USD.  If you have not signed up to Find Your Dream Home, the time is now. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico January edition.


  • December 2013 – Our December newsletter features our ‘How To’ series and Find Your Dream Home feature along with upcoming webinar announcements, New Promotions and our ‘Find Your Beach‘ series, along with NEW inventory announcements. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico December edition.
  • November 2013 – The November newsletter features upcoming Promotions, our ‘How To’, and ‘Find Your Beach‘ series, along with NEW inventory announcements to help you Find Your Dream Home along the Oaxaca coast. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico November edition.
  • September 2013 – The September newsletter features our ‘How To’, and‘Find Your Beach‘ series, upcoming Face Book ‘Like, Share & Win’ Contest and NEW inventory at Viewpoint and other destinations along the coast.  Enjoy!
  • August 2013 Our summer newsletter continues to feature our favorite paradise, the Oaxaca Coast.  If you are still wondering where that is and why is it becoming so popular with your friends, read this article titled Heaven On Earth.  We also comment on potential changes in real estate law in Mexico and ask for a little help from you in our ‘How To’ section. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico Summer edition.
  • June 2013 – This month’s newsletter features our Spring Promotion, our ‘How To’, ‘Find Your Beach’ series, feature Restaurant and more. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico June edition.
  • May 2013 – This month’s newsletter features our Spring PromotionFeature Unit as well as new additions of our ‘How To’ and ‘Find Your Beach’ series. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico May edition.
  • March 2013 – In the March edition we feature ‘Find Your Beach‘, another great Huge Deal unit at Viewpoint, feature restaurant and more. We hope you enjoy our Own Mexico March edition.
  • February 2013 –¡Ay, caramba! has February flown by. Better late than never, February’s newsletter is full of great information for you. This month we have another educational ‘How To Guide‘ article, feature another playa paradise in the ‘Find Your Beach’2 Huge Deal units featured this month and much more. We hope you enjoy our February edition.
  • January 2013 – Happy New Year!  We hope you enjoy the New Year edition of Own Mexico’s Sales newsletter.


  • December 2012 – This month we include the pre-launch of Phase 1 of our beachfront development Oasis Pacifico, our upcoming Winter Art Gala, our latest ‘How To’ Guide, another amazing and fun beach in the ‘Find Your Beach’ feature and more. We hope you enjoy our December edition.
  • November 2012 – November’s newsletter is packed full of useful information including our upcoming live webinarsto help you learn more about Viewpoint at Puerto Angel. We also feature our latest ‘How To’ Guide,another must read edition of Find Your Beach.’and of course contest winners from Facebook and cross Canada trade show tour. Enjoy!
  • October 2012 – Happy Thanksgiving to all! Check out our HUGE DEAL sales launch along with another informative edition in our ‘How To’ guide.  We also have more webinar dates set for November so you can learn more about Viewpoint at Puerto Angel and another beach feature so you can ‘Find Your Beach’ along the Oaxaca coast.  Happy Reading!
  • September 2012 – Read our latest ‘How To’, Learn about upcoming webinars and ‘Like Us’ for a chance to win a free week’s accommodation at Viewpoint.  We hope you enjoy September’s newsletter.
  • August 2012 – Our new ‘How to Guide’ gives you information on vacationing, retiring and living in Mexico and shows you why Oaxaca is a great place to invest and retire.  We give you information on our 25% down loan program now available to Canadian and US Citizens purchasing in Mexico and announce our new ‘Like Us & Win’ contest on Facebook.
  • July 2012 – July’s exciting newsletter comes with new flight announcements to Huatulco, information on our Stay & Play program and our feature area attraction.  Enjoy!
  • June 2012 – Our June newsletter spotlights the amazing fishing along the Oaxaca coast, including the winner of this year’s Huatulco’s annual sailfish fishing tournament.  We introduce to you our new ‘How To’ Guide on our ownmexico site to assist you with everything you need to know about moving to Oaxaca, and provide you with new travel updates to Mexico.  Also included in this month’s edition are the dates for our June webinars, allowing you to log in from home to participate in an information session to learn more about Viewpoint at Puerto Angel.  
  • May 2012 – In May’s newsletter we learn more about owning in Mexico with Oasis Pacifico and Viewpoint Developments.  This month we feature updates on the Huatulco Airport Expansion, Highway 200 infrastructure updates, our feature restaurant and more!
  • April 2012 – April’s newsletter brings information on Sunwing’s Spring Sale, how Oaxaca’s coast is a true gem to discover, from it’s beautiful beaches to amazing food.  We also show you how you can have a one-on-one meeting with Brent May, Director of Sales & Marketing for Viewpoint & Oasis Pacifico Developments.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about these amazing developments and ‘Invest Before the Rest’.
  • March 2012 – Part I – This month’s issue highlights  upcoming webinars to learn more about Viewpoint and Oasis Pacifico developments.  We also cover how West Jet continues to build stronger relationships with Mexico and exciting news about AirMexicana.
  • March 2012 – Part II – We had so much to share we needed a second newsletter in March!  Check out why Mexico is being recognized for it’s individual contribution to global economic growth over the next 10 years.  This issue also provides an update to Highway 200 on the Oaxaca Coast and how Oaxaca is a great spot for eco-tourism.
  • February 2012 – In this issue learn about how Oasis Pacifico and Viewpoint Developments’ contribute to a greener environment through it’s sustainable development and our part in this year’s Green Expo in Huatulco.  Check out Mexico travel news and our favorite restaurant to take your valentine.
  • January 2012 – In this edition we introduce our live webinars taking place each month; an opportunity for you to log on from the comfort of your home to learn more about our amazing developments.  We also invite you to contact us for a Stay & Play at Viewpoint developments and see for yourself why we are so in love with this development.  We show you how and why we are happy to fit into the Green Globe Award for environmental consciousness and show you some of the fun eco-tourism attractions we have. 


  • December 2011 – In our debut issue we show you the amazing aerial shots we captured of both Viewpoint & Oasis Pacifico developments.  We also feature Lot 52 on Oasis Pacifico Developments, a beautiful 4000 square foot home built by DXB Homes with ICF construction.  We also feature our amazing Joint Venture opportunity with Oasis Pacifico.


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