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Playa Chuburna

by Brent May

You will love discovering Playa Chuburna’s warm, emerald waters, white sand dotted with shells, and the tranquility and cleanliness of the beach.

The port of Chuburna is a fishing village located 50 minutes from Merida and approximately 25 minutes from Progreso, the main port of Yucatan. The beach of Chuburna is accessible by car. It’s located 5 minutes off the main road. Lots of parking space. It is a huge, uncrowded beach far away from tourist areas. It’s a great place to spend the day. Take your umbrella and picnic or have lunch in one of the local restaurants.  The water is warm, calm and great for swimming and families.

The beach is an expanse of white sand with shells scattered everywhere, clear emerald water, a few boats passing along, few people and a small lighthouse to guide the boats at the end of a breakwater. This is the beauty of the beach of Chuburna, also called “Playa las Dunas.”


If you love fishing, go to the pier to throw in your line. It is common to see several people fishing here. You’ll also find several restaurants that offer the best the sea has to offer at affordable prices. You don’t necessarily have to eat in the restaurants, you can order take-out and enjoy it with your family on the beach or in the park.

On your way to Chuburna, you will pass by Tamanché, meaning the cotton forest in Mayan. You will find many restaurants and an aquatic park. You’ll also find a golf course, archeological sites and the city of San Ignacio where the houses are said to have secret underground passages. The movie Casta Divina was filmed here in 1976. It is also in this village that the scouts are trained.

This peaceful beach is a fun-filled day trip that we highly recommend to experience the gentle, emerald waters.


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