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The Feel of Huatulco

by Brent May

All of the senses are heightened in Huatulco. The sense of touch is a two-way path. We can touch and be touched. In these COVID times, we’ve suffered from not being able to hug and kiss as much as we would like. Fortunately, in Huatulco, we have so many beautiful ways to satisfy the sense of touch through everything that surrounds us.

In this last article in our “Awaken Your Senses to Huatulco” series, we’ll look at the sensational impact the sense of touch has on our immune system.

The sun

Being under the blue Huatulco skies, the touch of the warm Mexican sun replenishes our Vitamin D and strengthens our immune system.  Daily exposure to sunlight is known to reduce blood pressure, according to several studies. Just a few minutes in the sun, on a terrace or at the beach can help us relax and lower our blood pressure. Sunlight also leads to a relaxing effect on tense muscles and aids in the production of wellness neuro-hormones.

Have you ever noticed how much more flexible you feel in the warm climate? Or at the very least how much easier it is to stretch? Warm muscles are relaxed muscles that allow stretching. If you haven’t taken up yoga yet, try it. You will be surprised at just how good it feels in the warmth.

We know that sunlight itself promotes good mood. Just as a lack of light sometimes leads to seasonal depression, a daily dose can ward off depression.

According to scientists, the sun improves skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema because of the anti-inflammatory effect induced by solar radiation. In small doses, the sun is good for the hair. It stimulates blood circulation of the vessels that irrigate the scalp and promotes hair growth.

No matter how beneficial the sun is, never forget to put on sunscreen. If you expose yourself too much, your skin can suffer the consequences.

The sand

Have you ever covered your legs with warm sand on the beach? If so, you know what a sand bath is. It is used in warm countries like Italy or in the north of Africa and not well known worldwide. This alternative medicine consists in completely wrapping the body, except your head, in heated sand. This practice relieves rheumatism, osteoarthritis, lumbago and polyarthritis, stimulate blood circulation, activates perspiration eliminating toxins and fats like a sauna while allowing the body to assimilate trace elements. Sessions last 10 to 15 minutes, while the head is protected from the sun. Do not try this therapy alone. It is not recommended for people with cardiovascular problems, uncontrolled hypertension or hypotension, peripheral respiratory failure, varicose veins or kidney failure.

Going barefoot

Outings to the beach are the ideal moment to free your feet from all the tensions that shoes create. Walking barefoot in the sand helps us relearn how to walk at our own pace while building strength. It allows the body to find its natural camber and frees up our natural movements.

If our bodies these days are undoubtedly affected by our work on the computer or the phone and we transmit those bad habits from the top of the body down through the feet, the opposite is also true. Shoes affect our gait and inhibit our body from moving freely because they don’t allow our foot to hit the ground as it is naturally meant in a strong heel-toe movement.

Sand also forces us to work our muscles to balance. Our feet sinking in the sand pushes us to use our muscles more and make more physical effort.

Finally, sand is a natural exfoliant that softens your skin. Have you ever noticed your feet peeling after the first few days on the beach? The sand helps rub away dry, dead skin and renews your feet.

The sea

When you swim in the ocean, you are giving your body so much more than just physical exercise. Saltwater helps us to heal faster. Cold saltwater causes vasoconstriction of the skin: the pores and capillary blood vessels tighten which tones the epidermis. Saltwater baths are tonic for the body. Trace elements and minerals of salt water rehydrate the body. Ions in salt water stimulate vital functions and promote the natural renewal of cells.

Once in the ocean, we are rocked by the waves. We feel weightless, relieving the body and relaxing both the body and mind.

Air quality and your skin

If you have acne problems, a humid place is the best place to live in. Humidity is one of your skin’s best friends. Humidity is an essential for superb skin. Dry skin is sometimes caused by low humidity, as well as dry hair and itching. High humidity leaves the skin supple and fresh in humidity levels of 40% or more. This is why dermatologists and cosmetologists always suggest using humidifiers in homes.

We love Huatulco for so many reasons. The main reason is because of how alive we feel here. We knew this was our special place as we traveled all around Mexico looking for a place to be. The sight of the limitless, blue ocean, the smell of the sea breeze and the crystal-clear mountain air, the sounds of the rolling waves and the tropical birds, the taste of fresh fruit and slow-cooked, homemade Mexican dishes, and the feel of the sunlight on the skin and your toes in the sand. We truly do have it all for a laid back, healthy lifestyle.

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