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The Real Truth About What Huatulco Needs

by Brent May

The simple truth is moving to Huatulco and building a lifestyle for yourself and your family, must be built on your terms. Instead of imagining how do I fit into Huatulco, the real question is how does Huatulco fit you. To read about our story and how we tackled this, check out this article: Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Building a Business in Laid-Back Huatulco.

In terms of work, there are of course jobs available. Will you find those jobs before deciding to move? Likely not. Like anywhere, things happen when you are at the place, when you’ve already set things in motion. A lot of people want to move. A few do. Hence, locals will believe you’re coming when you are actually here and moved in.

There is a lot of space available for new businesses, even during these uncertain times. Growth in the business and service sectors of Huatulco is on the fast track.

What Can You Offer Huatulco?

This series of articles has examined defining what it is that gets you excited. The whole point of that is to determine what you can bring to Huatulco if you are considering working and setting up a business. These are fertile grounds for small and mid size businesses. Setting up your own business is fairly simple. Read our article here with 10 Tips on How to Start a Business in Mexico.

Huatulco is a dynamic town with lots of activities for adults and children, with new restaurants, beach clubs, a gym club, golf course, volunteer opportunities, Rotary Club, etc. It is a master-planned town with lots of greenery and trees, 9 bays and it is human-sized. Not too big like the Caribbean resort towns. It is a safe destination. There are good opportunities for retirees, couples and families with children.

From Idea to Action

On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don’t do those things. Why? Simple. We are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy.” Matthew Kelly

In the definition process and beyond of what life looks like for you in Huatulco, we can share a few tools that have worked for us at different steps along the way. Actually, these tools continue to work for us on a daily basis and help to keep us grounded.

From the dreaming of changing our life to the actual doing it, comes one crucial step. In order to make big changes in my life, I started with a small change in my daily routine. I realized and defined where I wanted to go and how that was going to happen, but somehow I could lose focus and therefore time.

Get Out of Your Head and Into a Routine

As with starting any new habit or implementing change, it can feel uncomfortable. We begin working outside our comfort zone. I was externally focused for a long time, focused on events, situations, people, places surrounding my life. Eventually realizing that my life is not those external sources but my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual characteristics,  I began tending to those elements (my health, my thoughts, my attitudes, etc.) I could become a better version of myself. What I learned in this process of change was that I had to dedicate time to my personal development.

I read lots of things and knew what this entailed but these things, these practices all took time. I didn’t have that much time. However, I discovered “The Miracle Morning” and realized that I really couldn’t afford to NOT dedicate some time to myself. I also quickly found that by practicing the Miracle Morning that I could focus on what I wanted from my new life and business and became much more productive.

The Miracle Morning”

The Miracle Morning” written by Hal Elrod, is a book simply laying out the use of six tools in our everyday life. The author encourages dedicating one hour daily to the ritual. He encourages the hour to be first thing in the morning but I’ve found that the practice can really be at any time of day or even before going to bed. I can’t always do late night, I can’t always do early morning given my schedule. He also spells out a 6-minute plan for days when we just can’t commit to an entire hour. Honestly, I have a lot of 6-minute days but even those focused 6 minutes help me focus and frame my day.

Basically, the Miracle Morning is a routine using the practice of meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, journaling and reading. The book points out that we know what we “need” to do, we just don’t do it. We know certain things make us feel good, they set the tone for the whole day. The Miracle Morning method helps us set priorities and keep a clear focus on what needs to be accomplished in our day.

Although getting up early to practice may seem to be a chore, it becomes anything but an obligation. It is a surprisingly simple and effective method at helping us set the tone every day. Just a little discipline goes a long way.

Here is a list of the six practices. The timing for each is flexible.


(5 minutes). If you think you don’t like meditation, it’s ok. It’s just a word for sitting in silence and letting the mind settle. You can sit for one or 20 minutes. The whole idea is to calm the mind, to not stop thoughts from coming, but to just not give them any importance. Training the mind to be still. If you find this hard, you can also sit still and think of 10 things to be grateful for. You can even find a short, guided meditation using an app like InsightTimer.


(5 minutes). Affirmations use the repetition of a positive sentence focusing on your most important priorities, what you’re committed to, what your goals are. This is also to train the mind to be motivated for the day and to take action to work towards the life you want to live. Can’t think of any? Go to Pinterest and search them


(5 minutes). Visualization can be imagining how you want the day to unfold, imagining how it will feel to accomplish one of your goals. What do I need to get done to feel good about today? Close your eyes and imagine that thing is done and imagine how good it feels. Visualization creates joy.


(10 minutes). Begin a journal. You can make this what you like. There are lots of writing cues online to begin a journal. Choose topics that inspire you: write down what you’re proud of, what you want to create for the day or what you’re grateful for.


(10 minutes). You know those books you mean to read? Personal or professional development books? This is your chance. Take some time in the morning and read them. You’ll learn a new idea, discover something new and incorporate it into your day.


(20 minutes). Finally, stand up and get moving. Maybe this isn’t your main workout of the day, but it’s good to take the time first thing in the morning to get the blood pumping. In Huatulco, you can go for a short beach jog or swim. Practice yoga in your living room. These 20 minutes will get your energy level up and make you sharper all day long.

But really, how do you make the time?

If the dedication of the whole one hour seems daunting, you can practice the 6-minute shortened version of the Miracle Morning. This practice dedicates one minute to each of the above activities. Investing six minutes per day in becoming a better person becomes really reasonable. But chances are, you’ll find a lot of enjoyment from the practice and will find yourself lengthening it to the hour as you begin incorporating what you learn in the morning into your day.

In order for the Miracle Morning to become a habit, you have to plan for it. What exercise will you do? What book will you begin reading? Gather a journal and pens. Practice with a goal. How about a 30-day challenge?

Challenge yourself to practice, get up earlier, just for 30 days. It’s one of those things that will eventually get you excited to get out of bed.

Also, get book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It will genuinely motivate you to become a better you.

Excited Entrepreneurs Are Who Huatulco Needs

Throughout this series, I’ve shared with you some of the tools and ideas that I’ve used in moving my life to Mexico. That’s it.  Making that first step can be something as simple as reaching out to a friend who is an expat or reaching out to us for more information. Does it seem like a challenging thing to do? It should. That is the edge that creates excitement and that is the edge where you feel alive. Those excited entrepreneurs are who Huatulco needs. Please share with us in the comments below what process or tools you’ve used to push through to achieve your goals.

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I came across your Blog , well written and explained , great pics by the way , I lived in Merida Yucatan For 13 years and had a great time , great places and the culture is amazing , We live in Ohio now , and I was looking into Oaxaca as a main destination , who knows me and the wife we decide to move to Oaxaca in the near future . I am an entrepreneur , my father was a tourist guide for 30 plus years , travel all over Mexico. and now at my almost 50 is time to start a new journey. we will def be in touch


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