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Travel Roadmap – Central-East Route from Canada to Puerto Angel

by Brent May

Mission, Texas to Puerto Angel, Oaxaca

We traveled from Saskatoon, Canada and spent 3 days in the U.S. using the interstates, which were fast and easy to navigate.

We spent the night in McAllen, Texas where we began our 2-day journey into Mexico headed to our home in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca.

Day 1: Mission, TX to Puebla

Total Distance: 504.84 miles/812.50 kms
Total Time: 14 hours

Leg #1: Mission, TX to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – 134 miles/215.65 kms

Stayed at Hampton Inn & Suites in McAllen, Texas, about 32 kms from Mission, MX. Comfortable stay with free hot breakfast in the morning to start our day.

Stopped at Sanborns Insurance in the morning to purchase our vehicle insurance. Took only 10 minutes and we were on our way to the border crossing at the Mission US/Mexico border crossing.

We got to the border in Mission and crossed into the border at Anzalduas crossing.  We followed the signs to get on the toll road on Highway 40.

We made it to Reynosa only to discover we were supposed to purchase our vehicle permit back in Mission – time to turn around!

Got our vehicle permit which took approximately 30 minutes and headed back on Highway 40 west towards Monterrey.

Leg #2: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon to Matehuala, San Luis Potosi – 116.4 miles/187.32 kms

We continued on from Monterrey towards Saltillo – still on highway 40.  Where indicated we turned left on to highway 57 to San Luis Potosi.

Leg #3: San Luis Potosi to Queretaro, Qro – 123 miles/198 kms

• We then headed south to Queretaro and took the El Arco del Norte (AKA: Northern Arch) which is a relatively new 4 lane toll highway that bypasses Mexico City on the east side.  There is no highway number is published for this toll highway.  This freeway did not start from Queretaro but quite a bit further South only about a 100 km North of Mexico City.

Leg #4 – Queretaro to San Martin Texmelucan – 109.53 miles/176.27 kms

Leg #5 – San Martin Texmelucan to Puebla – 21.91 miles/35.26 kms

Arrived in the city of Puebla and stayed at the Holiday Inn right off the toll highway 105D.




Day 2: Puebla to Puerto Angel

Total Distance: 372.20 miles/599 kms

Total Time: 11 hours

Post Trip Recaps & Highlights – Mission, Texas to Puerto Angel, Mexico

Total Distance: 877.04 miles/1411.5 kms

Total Time: 25 hours

We used an AMA map to help us on our journey, which caused us some confusion though as they recommended we take a relatively new freeway called the El Arco Del Norte from Queretaro to bypass Mexico City. This freeway did not start from Queretaro but quite a bit further South only about a 100 km North of Mexico City.

If you wish to shorten your driving days and opt for a 3-day journey you can stay in San Luis Potosi, where there is a nice Courtside Marriot Hotel to stay at.

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Sunny67 June 17, 2020 - 9:26 am

Hi Brent. I know when you traveled your truck was fairly loaded up with sports gear and other stuff. Any comments on the border crossing – did you have to unpack it all? Did you have a list made up in Spanish? or was it just the luck of the Red vs Green buttons?

Also curious if you took a lot of that expensive equipment off the top of your truck each night into your hotel room or just left on the truck locked up?


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